Some Wednesday Linkage

I’m dragging this morning after writing my Amazing Race Asia, Episode 2 recap well into the wee morning hours. I’ve trapped myself into a corner writing them knowing that there’s a loyal audience from both Asia and the U.S. for them. I think because the last episode was 90 minutes, it was particularly hard to […]

Tuesday Afternoon Stuff

Let’s give you a few more links before I head out. First, Darren Rovell of CNBC has a few things in one entry including a blurb on which is about to hire a new spokesperson who looks like this woman (Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard), not that I object. The Sports Media Watch blog says […]

Tuesday Morning Stuff

After watching the finish of the evening session of the IAAF World Athletics Championships in Osaka, Japan, it’s time to give you some links. Let’s head over to Boston Sports Media Watch where Bruce Allen transcribed some rather idiotic comments made by former Boston Globe writer Ron Borges. He appeared on WEEI yesterday as substitute […]

Monday Night Links

Let’s check some links for you. By the way, I’m getting hooked on Hell’s Kitchen on Fox. Chef Gordon Ramsay runs his kitchen like a drill sergeant, but he wants the trainees to learn. If you haven’t seen his other show, Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America, it’s tremendous. It’s so tremendous that Fox is […]

Friday's Links

Hello. Memorial Day Weekend here in the US and it means that warm weather is finally coming. Here in New England, 90 degree temps are expected and it nice to see. Also, it means summer movies and we’ll keep an eye on them here in the blog. But, we’ll always keep an eye on what […]

Ron Borges is O-U-T! OUT!!!

In a move that smells to high heaven, Ron Borges has quote, retired, unquote. This move came late on Friday night. It also comes just one week after Borgie returned to work from a two month suspension, and just after he wrote one piece for the Boston Globe. When he returned two Thursdays ago, Borgie […]

Friday Links

Lots of stuff for the upcoming sports weekend. We have the NHL and NBA Playoffs in full swing. The Players Championship continues. There’s MLB on Fox and ESPN plus the decision that came down late Thursday against the NFL Network. Let’s get to the national links. First from Boston, Dave Scott of Boston Sports Media […]

Wednesday Afternoon Links

A couple of news items for you today. Embattled Boston Globe writer Ron Borges appeared on the Michael Felger show on ESPN Radio in Boston today. Bruce Allen of Boston Sports Media Watch has the story including some updates on the Curt Schilling comments on Barry Bonds. Bruce’s site is one of the best watchdog […]

Political Potpourri

This does not mean I’m going political, but stealing a phrase from John McLaughlin, I’ll do a mishmash of links on Fridays from the various media columns across the country. Depending on the time, I can do it early on Fridays or in the case of today, I’ll update things as the day progresses. First, […]