Bringing You Sunday Linkage

I’m at work again, but I’m trying to cope by flicking on the Watch ESPN for the Women’s World Cup game against Brazil. I’ll give you what linkage I can find today. Mike McCarthy of USA Today says Turner Sports has reportedly hired Shaquille O’Neal for its NBA coverage. Still no official comment from Turner. […]

Some Quick Thursday Links

Trying to squeeze linkage in while I can. This won’t be a full set of links. I will do the megalinks tomorrow, but today will be a quickie links day. Michael Hiestand of USA Today reports that the ratings for the USA-North Korea game in the Women’s World Cup drew decently for ESPN. Todd Spangler […]

Bringing Out The Tuesday Linkage

Again, I’ve been all over the place and can’t really blog like I want to, but I do what I can. Some links while I’m free and not committed to anything. The Pac 12 media deals with ESPN and Fox will be made official later this week, but we do know some details. First, it’s […]

Shuffling Some Thursday Links Your Way

With the NCAA Tournament having started in earnest, I’ll do my best to give you links now. Let’s get cracking. Mike McCarthy of USA Today has ESPN’s Erin Andrews denying that she’s interested in being on ABC’s “The Bachelorette”. This whole thing started when Erin, appearing on KNBR in San Francisco, said she wanted to […]

Doing Some Mid-Week Linkage

Here are some Wednesday links today. Maury Brown from the Biz of Sports Network writes in Forbes about a Federal judge ruling in favor of the NFL Players Association in its fight to prevent the league’s owners from taking TV rights fees as lockout insurance. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says ESPN will be unveiling a […]

Early Wednesday Links

I was going to go to bed, but there are a couple of items that caught my eye so instead of waiting until the morning, I figured I would give them to you now. The Sports Media Watch reports that the NL Wild Card Playoff game got a pretty decent rating for TBS Monday night, […]

Monday Links

Let’s start with USA Today and Michael Hiestand. He writes about CBS focusing its PGA Championship coverage on Tiger Woods especially during the 4th round on Sunday. The man was leading and the margin did go from 5 shots to 1 at one point. It’s understandable. In the New York Post, Phil Mushnick goes after […]

Quick Thoughts on the Summer TV Season

In fear of sounding like a Larry King column or *gulp* Jay Mohr, I don’t give you links but a few thoughts on this summer’s TV. First, too much reality TV on the networks. Yes, it’s cheap, but seeing silly premises like a tennis player choosing between 20 year old women and 40 year old […]

Good Reality TV, Bad Reality TV

The Reality TV Genre is here to stay. Unfortunately, there’s too much of it. I enjoy shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor and Temptation Island. There’s a lot of bad reality TV out there. Of course, you can’t keep up with all of it. A well produced reality show can be very entertaining and enjoyable […]