A Few Sunday Links

Let’s provide some linkage on this NFL Sunday. Dennis Dodd at writes that the SEC plans to reopen its humungous media rights contract with ESPN soon after its admission of Missouri into the conference is made official. Glenn Davis at SportsGrid has video of ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit losing his concentration as an earthquake hit […]

Unveiling The Wednesday Links For You

On Tuesday, I did the links in the evening, but today, the linkage is coming out early. Let’s get to them. Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that Fox plans to use its college football sideline reporter more as an analyst on the field, rather than give injury updates. To the Wall Street Journal where […]

The Complete Friday Megalinks

Friday’s have become maddening. I was out of the office earlier today and expect to be out again later, but I’m doing the Megalinks early so I can be done with them and be free for other stuff tonight. As always, check out the Weekend Viewing Picks for the sports and entertaining programming. National We’ll […]

A Full Tuesday Linkfest! Finally!

For the last week, I haven’t been able to do a full set of links. Work has been crazy, but I hope to give one today. It’s either going to the other office or heading out with the boss to various work sites or head to meetings, but today should be calmer. I’ve started a […]

Bringing Out The Monday Links

Time for the Monday linkage. I hope you had a good Easter if you observed the holiday. If not, I hope the weekend was relaxing for you. Let’s go over the linkage for today. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand writes that ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball analysts like the idea of expanded MLB playoffs. Mike McCarthy of […]

Doing The Tuesday Links

I need to get these up quickly as the NBC/NHL conference call will occur at 1 p.m. today. I won’t be able to monitor it, but I do hope to provide details as they become available. Lots of links to get to. The major news of the day thus far is NBC’s renewal of its […]

Doing The Saturday Linkage

I got up early this morning (not that you care) and it now enables me to do some links for you. Some good stuff out today. First USA Today’s Mike McCarthy, we learn that Joe Theismann claims he has not been told about any changes to the NFL Network Thursday Night Football booth. Earlier this […]

Late Night Linkage

Here are some links for you on this late night Monday going into early Tuesday. First a favor to ask. My lovely friend, Steelergurl, is asking you to fill out a survey on NFL and new media. It won’t take more than five minutes of your time. If you’re an NFL fan, she wants to […]