The Mid-Week Linkage

Now that I’ve finished my paperwork, I’ll do some links for you. Beginning with the Nielsen Ratings Wire blog, it says this year’s World Series should give Fox some big market appeal and with that, ratings. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks with Fox Sports MLB director Bill Webb about his approach to this year’s World […]

Videos of the Week – Peter Puck

Since last week was the debut of “The Adventures of Digger and Friends” on Fox’s NASCAR coverage, let’s go to one of the cartoons that probably started this whole Fox trend of using animated characters to help promote its sports properties. As a kid, I got to watch Peter Puck when NBC had the NHL […]

It's A Wednesday Thing

Time to give you some links today. First, David Scott from the Boston Sports Media Watch talks about changes at the top of Comcast SportsNet New England, changes to the NCAA live blogging policy and rumored changes to the Patriots radio booth. Newsday’s Neil Best says his blog is part of a 64 sports blog […]

Tuesday Links

I’m still sad over the replacement of Jerry Trupiano from the Red Sox Radio Network. I’m one of those Red Sox fans who don’t like change and I grew accustomed to listening to Joe Castiglione and Trup every year. Last season, I started to hear inklings that he could be replaced and I was hoping […]

The Return of Peter Puck!

Old school NHL fans (like me) will remember when NBC and CBC ran a cartoon feature in-between periods explaining the nuances of hockey. It was a short called “Peter Puck” and intermission host Brian McFarlane would introduce the cartoons. Peter taught us about icing, offsides, tripping, checking, etc. The idea of Peter Puck was for […]