Late Wednesday Night Links

I’ll give you a few links here. Just finished watching the latest edition of Ninja Warrior on G4 in which two Americans who qualified for the Sasuke tournament this past summer got to compete. Unfortunately, they could not advance past the first stage, falling into the muddy water at the Jumping Spider. They tried hard […]

It's Monday.

Beginning of the work week. It’s hot here in the East. Yesterday, so many people flocked to Rhode Island beaches that they shut down the parking lots and turned cars away. The hot weather that hit the West last week is here in the East so it’s our turn to suffer after a nice start […]

Friday's Links

Hello. Memorial Day Weekend here in the US and it means that warm weather is finally coming. Here in New England, 90 degree temps are expected and it nice to see. Also, it means summer movies and we’ll keep an eye on them here in the blog. But, we’ll always keep an eye on what […]

Women of Ninja Warrior

Wow, I’m not the only one blogging about Ninja Warrior. Here’s something from the lesbian website, After Ellen. The writing from Kaki Flynn is quite accurate about the show and there’s even a clip from the original Japanese broadcast there.

My Guilty Viewing Pleasure

You know what I find myself watching more and more these days? G4′s Ninja Warrior. It’s a competition that is very popular in Japan. Called Sasuke, it’s a massive competition of 100 participants who must complete an obstacle course in four stages. Whenever G4 has a marathon of this program, I’ll plop myself in front […]