National Geographic Channel Presents “Witness: Katrina”

As we remember five years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, National Geographic Channel presents a special to mark the date. On Monday, Witness: Katrina will present video shot from various sources as the storm hit the area. WITNESS: KATRINA Monday, August 23 at 9PM ET/PT Over the course of […]

National Geographic Channel’s Locked Up Abroad Heads to Saddam’s Iraq Tonight

Nat Geo’s critically acclaimed series, Locked Up Abroad focuses on two men working in Iraq just before the first Gulf War and being imprisoned in one of the country’s most infamous prisons. It’s not pretty. We have a synopsis and two videos from tonight’s program. LOCKED UP ABROAD: SADDAM’S IRAQ Wednesday, July 7 at 10pm […]

Preview of Tonight's World's Toughest Fixes on National Geographic Channel

One of my favorite shows is Nat Geo’s World’s Toughest Fixes. Tonight and next week, Sean Riley heads to Las Vegas where he’ll be helping to repair three famous locations in the city including one of my favorite places, the Stratosphere’s X-Scream. We have a preview of tonight’s show and next week’s as well. WORLD’S […]

National Geographic Programming Notes

I have a couple of programming notes from National Geographic, one for its new Wild channel and the other for the main National Geographic Channel. Both are pretty interesting. Starting tonight, National Geographic Wild premieres, “My Dog Ate What?” which focuses on what vets have found inside the stomach of man’s best friend. Some interesting […]

Two National Geographic Programming Notes

I owe my friends at National Geographic Channel some space so I’ll provide you two previews of upcoming programs, one on Sunday and the other on Monday. Thanks to publicist Minjae Ormes for sending these to me. Our first preview is for Lost Gold of the Dark Ages which airs on Sunday night at 9 […]

One National Geographic Channel Programming Note

The boss left for a week and I thought I would be free to blog, but I’ve been busier this week running in between two offices and dealing with a snowstorm so this is pretty much a lost week. Here’s a program that you might be interested in watching tonight. It’s another installment of “Fight […]

National Geographic Channel Presents Fight Science

I love the programming on National Geographic Channel and I’m always happy to plug upcoming attractions whenever I receive their press releases. Tonight, we get a preview of a new series titled, “Fight Science” which delves into how top physically conditioned men and women can go into battle whether it be in battle or in […]

MLB Network to Join Simlucast of Hope for Haiti Now

Just received this press release from MLB Network that states the channel will be the only sports TV network that will simulcast the George Clooney-led fundraiser for Haitian Earthquake relief. Hope For Haiti will be aired across the nation and around the world on Friday starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the networks listed below. […]

National Geographic Channel Presents Border Wars

I have a couple of programming notes from my friends over at National Geographic Channel. I’m always glad to post them because the programs are always interesting. Now if the Fox PR people could do this for 24 and/or the ABC PR people could do this for Lost, I’d be a very happy camper. Anyway, […]

One More National Geographic Expedition Week Special

National Geographic has announced the discovery of five ancient crocodiles and this development will be part of a new special on crocs called, “When Crocodiles Ate Dinosaurs”. As usual, with our National Geographic Channel previews, we have a program description and some videos for you. EXPEDITION WEEK: When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs Saturday, November 21 at […]

National Geographic Channel Programming for Next Few Days

If you’ve been watching National Geographic Channel this week, then you know it’s Expedition Week, where programs have been exploring recent discoveries and major expeditions. I have a preview DVD set of the entire week of programming and it’s been tremendous to watch. Plus, you learn a few things in a very entertaining way. Let’s […]

Preview of 2012: Countdown to Armageddon

With the movie “2012” coming out next weekend, we have plenty of TV specials exploring the Mayan prophecies of doom and gloom. National Geographic Channel will have its own special on Sunday looking into these prophecies. 2012: COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON Sunday, November 8 at 8PM ET/PT National Geographic Channel examines the evidence behind the […]

Some General Releases Now

Ok, we have almost caught up with the releases. I’m going to give you some stuff that doesn’t fit any particular category. As usual, most of them have to do with ESPN. They just keep sending the releases. Not that I mind, of course. ESPN Radio tells us that Rescue Me star Denis Leary will […]

Finally, Various Thursday Press Releases

These don’t fit into any particular category. They just go into one particular pile. This one. Let’s go. ESPN Films’ documentary, The Lost Son of Havana, a film on former Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant’s return to Cuba airs on ESPN Deportes on Sunday and ESPN on Monday. I have an advanced copy and I […]

Thursday's Press Release Package

Here are some press releases you should read. This is from ESPN touting the English Premier League games it will show in the UK. The start times are all UK time so subtract five hours for ET. LIVE ESPN COVERAGE OF BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE BROADCAST SCHEDULE UNTIL NOVEMBER – SEASON 2009/10 Debut season of coverage […]