2012 Sports Emmy Awards Live Blog

The Sports Emmy Awards are being handed out in New York tonight. Through various sources at the event, I’ll be able to update this post as awards are being doled to the various winners. And no, I’m not there, but I can provide the winners as soon as they become available. For the full list […]

National Geographic Channel Presents "Amish: Out of Order"

Starting tonight, National Geographic Channel begins a 10 part series on the Amish. More specifically, those Amish trying to integrate into American society and shunning the lives they’ve known. While some are gung-ho on leaving, others find that leaving the group is not as easy as thought. Nat Geo spent time with an ex-Amish community […]

National Geographic Channel Presents "Finding The Lost Da Vinci"

Tonight on National Geographic Channel, it’s the fascinating program, “Finding The Lost DaVinci.” I saw a preview of this on Friday. This deals with the possible find of a lost Leonardo Da Vinci mural, thought to have been missing for 500 years, “The Battle of Anghiari.” One man has spent over 35 years looking for […]

National Geographic Premieres New Web Series Featuring Boston Bruins' Andrew Ference

National Geographic Channel rarely delves into sports subjects, but it will starting today with a new web series, “Beyond The Puck” that will star Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference. One thing you may not know about Ference is that he’s an environmental activist and works to keep his home green and eco-friendly. Ference bikes to […]

Border Wars Returns To National Geographic Channel Tonight

The season premiere of one of my favorite shows on NatGeo, Border Wars, returns tonight. It will be a double premiere as two one-hour episodes air back-to-back starting tonight at 9 Eastern time. Border Wars is a look at the Customs and Border Protection’s efforts to keep drugs from cover over the US-Mexico border. It’s […]

National Geographic Presents Interview with Former President GW Bush on 9/11

Later this month, National Geographic Channel will present a week of programming dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington. To anchor the programming, NatGeo will present a one-hour special featuring former President George W. Bush giving his recollections from the day that changed the United States forever. Bush […]

National Geographic Channel Presents Rebuilding Titanic

Tonight on National Geographic Channel, a two-hour program on rebuilding the RMS Titanic from scratch. A group of engineers and laborers set out to rebuild the ship. You know about the story of the ill-fated Titanic, it hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage from England to New York in 1912 killing more than 1,500 […]

Nat Geo Shows People In Love With Inanimate Objects

On Sunday, National Geographic Channel will show people who are in love with a car and a wall. Not just any wall, we’re talking with the Berlin Wall. Yes, that wall. There are people like this. The BBC chronicled a woman who is in love with the Golden Gate Bridge. I kid you not. In […]

NatGeo Presents Shark Men: Surfing With Sharks

Last Sunday, Shark Men had its season premiere on National Geographic Channel. Now while trying to research sharks up close is something I would rather not do, the guys on Shark Men really want to go eyeball to eyeball with them. This week, they head to the Southern California to find a whole school of […]

National Geographic Takes You Fishing and Beast Hunting

One more post from National Geographic Channel. On Friday, NatGeo takes you to the great outdoors to show you one of the biggest catfish you’ll ever see and then head to Africa to search for a mythical swamp monster. Some interesting programming on Friday and you can get a preview right here. Fish Warrior: Catfish […]

National Geographic Channel Shows You How Jack Daniels & Coca-Cola Are Made

A couple of posts for National Geographic Channel which is one of my favorite non-sports channels along with Food Network and Cooking Channel. Let’s preview Ultimate Factories which premieres tonight. In the season premiere, Ultimate Factories takes you into the Jack Daniels distillery and shows us how the world famous whiskey is made. We have […]

National Geographic Channel Presents “Treasures of Egypt”

I owe National Geographic Channel several posts and the PR department has been wonderful in sending press releases and I’ve failed to post them. So to pay back the generosity, I post this for you. National Geographic Channel has a week long programming initiative on the Treasures of Egypt and it’s rather timely with what […]

National Geographic Channel Presents “Restrepo”

Tomorrow night, National Geographic Channel presents “Restrepo”, a film that shows the experience of a platoon of American soldiers assigned to one of the most dangerous outposts in Afghanistan. There is no narrator or host. We are shown the scenes as they happen. Here’s a brief synopsis and profiles of the director and producer of […]

National Geographic Channel Presents “Inside The State Department”

The National Geographic Channel got unprecedented access to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and was able to shoot some pretty amazing footage while she was on missions to Afghanistan and Pakistan. In addition, we what goes on behind the scenes during meetings with other countries and inside Secretary Clinton’s travels. I saw an advance […]

National Geographic Channel Presents “Great Migrations”

You have seen the promos and previews across your channels this past week. And now, the day has arrived where National Geographic Channel will present a 7 part mini-series, “Great Migrations” featuring some never-before-seen footage of the earth’s greatest species migrating from place-to-place. One of the most interesting parts I have seen was elephants holding […]

National Geographic Channel Presents “Witness: Katrina”

As we remember five years since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, National Geographic Channel presents a special to mark the date. On Monday, Witness: Katrina will present video shot from various sources as the storm hit the area. WITNESS: KATRINA Monday, August 23 at 9PM ET/PT Over the course of […]

National Geographic Channel’s Locked Up Abroad Heads to Saddam’s Iraq Tonight

Nat Geo’s critically acclaimed series, Locked Up Abroad focuses on two men working in Iraq just before the first Gulf War and being imprisoned in one of the country’s most infamous prisons. It’s not pretty. We have a synopsis and two videos from tonight’s program. LOCKED UP ABROAD: SADDAM’S IRAQ Wednesday, July 7 at 10pm […]

Preview of Tonight's World's Toughest Fixes on National Geographic Channel

One of my favorite shows is Nat Geo’s World’s Toughest Fixes. Tonight and next week, Sean Riley heads to Las Vegas where he’ll be helping to repair three famous locations in the city including one of my favorite places, the Stratosphere’s X-Scream. We have a preview of tonight’s show and next week’s as well. WORLD’S […]

National Geographic Programming Notes

I have a couple of programming notes from National Geographic, one for its new Wild channel and the other for the main National Geographic Channel. Both are pretty interesting. Starting tonight, National Geographic Wild premieres, “My Dog Ate What?” which focuses on what vets have found inside the stomach of man’s best friend. Some interesting […]

Two National Geographic Programming Notes

I owe my friends at National Geographic Channel some space so I’ll provide you two previews of upcoming programs, one on Sunday and the other on Monday. Thanks to publicist Minjae Ormes for sending these to me. Our first preview is for Lost Gold of the Dark Ages which airs on Sunday night at 9 […]