Gary McCord and David Feherty To Appear on CSI. Do They Play Dead?

Sometimes, the sports media extends into the entertainment world and next Thursday will be no exception. Next Thursday, CBS’ golf announcers Gary McCord and David Feherty will play themselves on a new episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I can already hear the “Jump The Shark” comments about this. Although I notice golfers Rocco Mediate […]

Friday Night Update

Time to give you some links tonight and then I’ll start working on the recap for the Amazing Asia 2. First, Newsday’s Neil Best says Fox made the right call in protecting three late season Giants games from NBC. Best also says the earth’s rotation did not stop when the NBA decided to mic coaches […]

Some Sunday Links

Hello on a scorching Sunday. Hot here in the Northeast, but it’s hot everywhere in the US as well, so I hope you’re running the air conditioner or at least heading to the beach today. Let’s give you some links so you don’t have to do a lot of physical activity (but don’t get stuck […]

Tuesday Links

I’m still sad over the replacement of Jerry Trupiano from the Red Sox Radio Network. I’m one of those Red Sox fans who don’t like change and I grew accustomed to listening to Joe Castiglione and Trup every year. Last season, I started to hear inklings that he could be replaced and I was hoping […]