ESPN Is Truly Trying To Take Over The World

I’m currently working on a couple of business-related items here in the office, but you can expect links to come up soon. In the meantime, I received a press release from Bristol, CT where many of you know is where ESPN is located. From this small town that has seen ESPN grow in lengths and […]

The NFL's International TV Partners

The NFL continues to expand its global reach. Here are highlights of which TV networks around the globe carry NFL games, some live, others in taped format. NFL TV COVERAGE EXTENDS AROUND THE GLOBE 231 COUNTRIES & TERRITORIES TO BROADCAST NFL CONTENT FOR NEARLY 200,000 HOURS More and more, fans around the world are tuning […]

Thursday Night Linkage – Big Ten Network Signs with Dish Network

As I recorded the Appalachian State-Michigan game off the Big Ten Network, listened to the Red Sox off the internet and kept tabs of the Indy-Saints game from NFL Gamecenter, plus occasionally surfing to US, this has turned into one of the busier nights in sports of the year. Let’s do some links for […]