2010 -- Pardon the Interruption

Mr. Tony and Wilbon! to Remain With ESPN

Reported first by USA Today’s For the Win and officially announced by ESPN, Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon have signed multi-year contract extensions to remain as co-hosts of the venerable Pardon the Interruption. The show debuted in October 2001 and has helped to launch an afternoon block of talk programming on ESPN. In addition, it […]

List of Monday Night Football Commentators

This was compiled by the fine people at ESPN. Here’s the list of Monday Night Football announcing teams dating back to when the series began on ABC in 1970. Since ESPN took over production in 1998, there has been a lot of upheaval in the announcing teams and you’ll notice this especially since the series […]

Wringing Out Some Friday Megalinks

Let’s do your media megalinks since last week you did not get any. Hard to believe that college baseball, college lacrosse and NASCAR seasons are starting up, but they are and they’re included in the Weekend Viewing Picks along with the regular Golf, NBA, NHL, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis and Entertainment recommendations. To your links now. […]

It’s The Linkage! At Long Last and It’s Back!

I think it’s about a week and a half since I’ve been able to do links. Been crazy with me, but you’ve still been visiting and I appreciate that. Time to provide you with sports media news links which is what the site depends on to begin with. Thanks for your patience during this trying […]

Trying To Bring You Some Linkage

This week has been a bad one for me. Haven’t been able to provide links since last Friday and that’s not good. Been busy and it’s cutting into bringing you the latest sports media news. I’ll try to do better over the next few days. We’ll begin with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch who speaks with […]

It’s a Mid-Week Link Thing!

It’s Wednesday already? Goodness. Seemed like I was at the Rhode Island Convention Center just this week for an all-day seminar. Oh wait! I was. Anyway, let’s get to your linkage. Michael Hiestand of USA Today feels that ESPN should pull Hank Williams, Jr. from Monday Night Football pronto. Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg […]

Cranking Out Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, it’s getting late and in the work day and I need to get these megalinks done. I’ve traveled to the MA office and now back in RI. Let’s get this done so I can watch the Bruins tonight. All of your Weekend Viewing Picks are right here. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand reviews the […]

Sneaking In Some Saturday Linkage

I have the opportunity to do some linkage on this Saturday so let’s take advantage of this. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News says Fox has to be happy to have a dream matchup in today’s UEFA Champions League Final. Sofia M. Fernandez of the Hollywood Reporter writes that the Indianapolis 500 has plenty of celebrity […]

Handing Out The Wednesday Links

Time for the mid-week links. Lots of stuff to get to. Michael Hiestand of USA Today looks at the ratings from some of the events held this past weekend. Michael says networks may have to scramble to fill holes if the NFL lockout extends into October and November. Brian Lowry at Fox Sports wonders if […]

Cranking Out Some Mid-Week Links

As the rain continues to fall in the Northeast and the sun remains behind the clouds for one more day, I’ll provide some links for you. Trying to finish work before doing links and I’d like to provide these earlier, but sometimes, it can’t be helped. Anyway, here are the sports business and media stories […]

Doing Some Friday Megalinkage

Now that I’ve learned that I don’t have to travel in between two offices today, I’ll do some megalinks for you. You can check out the Weekend Sports and Primetime Viewing Picks here. Now to your links. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today talks with TNT’s Steve Kerr on the similarities he sees between the […]

Bringing You Some Mid-Week Links

On this Wednesday, it’s time to provide some linkage. Some stuff to get to. Let’s not delay any further. Steve Wieberg of USA Today writes that the NCAA spent a lot of money to protect the March Madness™ trademark. Michael Hiestand of USA Today looks at Gus Johnson leaving CBS for Fox Sports. Eben Novy-Williams […]

Unveiling The Mid-Week Linkage

Let’s do some linkage. Before I get into the stories of the day, you may have noticed that I have instituted a comment system using Intense Debate. If you were with me at my old Blogger site, you will know I used it over there, but then got rid of it as it was slowing […]

Your Tuesday Links, Live & Local

I have news slogans in my head today, so I’m using “Live & Local” in the title. Let’s do your linkage. Lots to get to. John Ourand at Sports Business Daily notes that CBS received a decent 13.3 overnight rating for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, but it was down from last year. USA Today’s […]

Some Monday Linkage

Been busy today for no particular reason. Well, work is a very good reason, but it just seems to be piling up today. We give you the links while we still can. Michael Hiestand from USA Today starts us off and he wonders if the Butler-VCU matchup in the NCAA Tournament Final Four® Cinderella matchup […]