Quickie Wednesday Links

Time for some linkage. Haven’t done any in a long time. My apologies for that. John Ourand of Sports Business Journal speaks with CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus about the future of CBS Sports Network. Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Daily writes that Nationwide will not sponsor NASCAR’s secondary race tour after 2014. Jason McIntyre […]

Some Monday Linkage

I’ll do some quick linkage on this Monday. In USA Today, Michael Hiestand talks with NFL on Fox rules analyst Mike Pereira. In his extensive Monday Morning Quarterback column, Sports Illustrated’s Peter King remembers NFL Films’ Steve Sabol. John Ourand at Sports Business Journal notes that MLB will be increasing its haul from ESPN, Fox […]

Sirius XM Becomes Official Internet Radio Partner of MLB

This was announced yesterday by MLB, but the official press release just arrived in the Fang’s Bites inbox. It’s great news for subscribers of SiriusXM Radio who also access the platform through online and mobile. All MLB games will be made available on or through the SiriusXM mobile and tablet apps. This means that […]

MLB Productions Receives Five Sports Emmy Nominations; MLB Media Gets 15 Overall

MLB Productions had a busy year producing a reality series for Showtime and a documentary for HBO. Thanks to these efforts, the company received a record five Sports Emmy Award nominations. Combined with the nods for MLB Network, MLB Advanced Media and, MLB entities received a total of 15 Sports Emmy Award nominations. That’s […]

33rd Annual Sports Emmy Nominations Announced

We have the nominations, all 170 in 33 different categories, for the 33rd Annual Sports Emmy Awards. They just came out today. There are some surprises like massive hockey charlatan Pierre McGuire nominated in the Sports Reporter category and for some really strange reason, Skippy Bayless of ESPN2′s First Take was nominated for Best Studio […]

Some Black Friday Sports Media Links

I hope you survived the Black Friday experience if you went out today. If you decided to shop online, better to do that than wait outside in the cold especially in the Northeast where the temperatures dropped below freezing overnight. No fun. Anyway, I’ll provide the links. The Weekend Viewing Picks are here. To the […]

Back With The Friday Megalinks

Due to a crazy schedule for most of this week and then having a medical procedure done yesterday, I have not been able to blog like I’ve wanted to. Links have been scarce, but I’m available to do them now and hopefully, won’t be interrupted. Your Weekend Viewing Picks have your sports and entertainment programming […]

Turner Sports and Bring Back Postseason.TV for MLB Postseason

Think of this as MLB’s online companion similar to NASCAR’s Race Buddy. While it’s not the actual game, it’s an online companion that will compliment the TV coverage on TBS. Like Race Buddy which is also run by Turner Sports, Postseason.TV will have camera angles and be made available for a fee for both the […]

It’s A Slowly Getting Back To Normal After Irene Linkfest

Yesterday about 2 p.m., I got the power back at the Fang’s Bites abode and after walking around the neighborhood, I saw that I was quite lucky in not getting any tree limbs falling on my house or any leaks in the basement. So while Hurricane Irene was quite deadly and caused major damage up […]

A Few Late Night Links

Due to the fact that I had to go in and out of the office five times for various errands and meetings during the day, I was not able to provide linkage. And due to the fact that there are some good stories lingering, I don’t want to leave you without some links. So I’ll […]

Fans Can Vote For The Top MLB All-Star Game Moment

Major League Baseball has just unveiled a new All-Star Game site in which you can watch videos of some of the greatest moments in the contest’s history and then vote for which one you feel is tops. A total of 16 moments, 8 for both the American and National Leagues, are on the site. Then […]

It’s True! IS Allowing Embeddable Video!

In a piece of news that’s just short of the second coming of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has quietly allowed blogs and websites to embed their videos. Not all of their videos can be embedded, but some. Deadspin just found out about this in the last hour. I went to the Red […]

Providing You With Tuesday Linkage

For some of you, it’s a back to work Tuesday after a three day weekend. Not for me as I was at the office until late on Memorial Day. But you don’t want to read my complaining, you want linkage so I’ll get it to right away. Anthony Crupi from Adweek says expect LeBron James, […]

Doing The Tuesday Links

I need to get these up quickly as the NBC/NHL conference call will occur at 1 p.m. today. I won’t be able to monitor it, but I do hope to provide details as they become available. Lots of links to get to. The major news of the day thus far is NBC’s renewal of its […]

MLB At Bat ’11 Updated For Mobile Apps Today

From and MLB Advanced Media, we have the news and MLB At Bat ’11, the mobile app for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, Android and Blackberry has been updated in time for Opening Day. Plenty of features for you and lots of good stuff for those who have either platform. In addition, MLB.TV will be free […]