Tuesday Update

I’ll give you some more links today and then wrap it up for the day. First, Bruce Allen of the Boston Sports Media Watch has the numbers from Saturday’s Jaguars-Patriots game for Boston and nationally, plus some other TV notes for the Pats and Celtics. Neil Best of Newsday writes in his blog that an […]

Thursday Night Links

I’m such a political junkie, I’m glued to CNN and MSNBC watching the results of the Iowa Caucuses. Don’t worry, this won’t become a political blog, this will always be a sports media blog first, followed by the Amazing Race and anything else, but the anything else won’t be politics. But I do enjoy watching […]

Monday Night Links

As I just finished watching the new Red Sox DVD about the 2007 season, I figured it’s time to give you some more linkage this evening. Newsday’s Neil Best wonders why WFAN can’t get its information straight about whether a Vikings loss would put the Giants into the playoffs. He also reports that sportscaster Warner […]

Some Monday Links

Time to give you some Monday links. One of my employees remains out so I still have to cover for him. The links will go up as soon as I get to my office or when I get home, but I’ll do my best to get them to you when I can. Starting with USA […]

Time for the Sunday Links

Let’s give you some Sunday links today. We begin with Newsday’s Neil Best who writes about seeing NHL games online through its Center Ice package. In his blog, Neil talks more about Center Ice and why he likes to go off the beaten path in his columns. Interesting story from the Sports Media Watch blog […]

Our Friday Megalinks Better Late Than Never

Well, it’s been a long day. And “It’s a Wonderful Life” is on NBC. I shouldn’t be watching it because the ending gets me every time, but it’s a classic and unlike the 1980′s when it used to be on every single channel, it’s only on once a year. Anyway, it’ll be background noise as […]

The Thursday Snowstorm Links

We’re expecting what the weather forecasters are calling “a major snowstorm” today and right when the snow starts, I’m expected to be at a job site. I’m very happy. Anyway, I’ll be there so I won’t be able to give reaction to the Mitchell Report when it breaks. But I’ll give some links now in […]