Bringing In The Thursday Links

Another late start on the linkage today mostly due to shuffling between two offices and trying to catch up on press releases. Let’s get started. Mike McCarthy at USA Today has LeBron James blaming race for the negative reaction to his ESPN produced “The Decision” earlier this year. Mike notes that there won’t be a […]

The Mid-Week Linkage

Ok, gathering plenty of good links for you and let’s not waste any time. I do have one piece of upcoming attractions for you. On Friday, we start up our College Football Viewing Picks once again and every week, I’ll list the college football games of note for viewing on the major networks and syndicators. […]

Let’s Do A Monday Linkfest

It’s Monday and already some breaking news occurred. We learned that Awful Announcing is back up and running which is a good thing. I hope it’ll remain. So with that in our back pocket, let’s do some linkage. Starting with the Morning Buzz at Sports Business Daily which looks at the carriage negotiations between Time […]

More Monday Links

I’ll do some more links as I get ready for another episode of 24. Tom Jones of the St. Petersburg Times looks at the weekend in televised sports. The Dallas Morning News’ Barry Horn is amazed at the Pro Bowl’s ratings. The Houston Chronicle’s David Barron wonders what The Who will play at halftime of […]

Late Night Links … Again

After getting a late start to blogging today and not being able to provide links during the day, I thought maybe I can take the night off from blogging. WRONG! Things are breaking tonight. It’s hard to decide where to begin, but let’s go with the New York Times. Andrew Ross Sorkin and Tim Arango […]

This Is Monday's Linkage

On this day when New England sports fans are talking about the Bill Belichick decision that cost the Patriots a win against the Colts, I’m enjoying the agony. Being a Browns fan, I need something to help me endure the season. And the Indianapolis Star has a picture of one of Belichick’s henchman shoving an […]

Our Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. One sad piece of news for me at least, is the departure of David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch. Lately, he’s been working on a book with Kentucky coach John Calipari so his blogging has been sparse in recent weeks, but when he was at […]

Thursday's Quickie Links

Maybe it’s the rain, maybe it’s was going to the dentist, maybe it’s male menopause, whatever it is, I just don’t feel like doing the links today. But I’ll do as many as I can. Starting with Newsday’s Neil Best who talks with NBC’s Johnny Miller about his candor during golf telecasts. Neil has more […]

Your Tuesday Linkage

Because I was out for most of the day, I could not provide linkage this morning. But I can now. Let’s go over some of the stories of the day. For some reason, people have been jumping all over Richard Sandomir’s story in the New York Times which says the NCAA can opt out of […]

Some Wednesday Links

I give you some links today. I have to deal with work shit today and some other stuff so I’ll be short on the links. Michael McCarthy of USA Today says CBS’ Clark Kellogg gets a bigger platform as he moves from the studio to game analyst on the NCAA Tournament. Good post by SportsByBrooks […]

The 4th of July Friday Megalinks

We’re here with the Friday megalinks. I hope your 4th is going well wherever you are. Starting with your weekend viewing then we’ll see how many media columns we actually have on this holiday 4th. Weekend Viewing Picks Breakfast at Wimbledon and Red Sox-Yankees dominate the national viewing this weekend. NBC has its traditional Breakfast […]

Fast Monday Night Update

I’ll give you a few links tonight. I’ve got to get to work, but there’s enough news to warrant a quickie update. The Sports Media Watch says the finals of Euro 2008 drew a 3.1 overnight rating for ABC on Sunday. Pretty decent for a steamy Sunday afternoon here on the East Coast. And the […]

A Sunday Link Thing

After a few glitches involving my computer, I think I’m ready to bring you some links this morning. Starting off with Neil Best of Newsday, he writes a column about father and son broadcasters, Joe Castiglione, voice of the Red Sox, and his son, Duke Castiglione who works for Fox 5 in New York. And […]

Thursday Linkage

I have to be at a jobsite later today so I’ll be giving you some quick links. Let’s get to the links. Starting with Newsday’s Neil Best, he writes that a reporter plans to take in both ends of the Yankees-Mets day-night doubleheader at Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium by walking from one place to […]

Some Wednesday Links

Let’s give you some links today. Starting with the Sports Media Watch which writes that NASCAR got good ratings on TNT Sunday, but they were lower from last year. The SMW says the NBA Finals ended on a high note. And the blog has the final ratings from the weekend. The New York Daily News’ […]