Doing Some Tuesday Linkage

I was expecting to be out of the office today, but with the temperatures over 90 in Southern New England, being inside with air conditioning is probably the way to go today. I hope wherever you are, you’re staying cool and away from the sun. I have some links. Georg Szalai of the Hollywood Reporter […]

On NBC’s Football Night in America, Bob Costas Interviews Michael Vick

Before tonight’s primetime NFL game between Philadelphia and Atlanta, NBC’s Football Night in America features a Bob Costas interview with Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. As you’re aware, Vick played in Atlanta before being convicted on federal charges of dog fighting. Costas and Vick don’t discuss that issue at least in the excerpt we have here, […]

A Pre-Hurricane Friday Megalinks Edition

As the Northeast battens down the hatches for the impending hit of Hurricane Irene this weekend and it’s not a matter of if it’s coming, but when, I’ll probably won’t be blogging much over the next few days. I’ll do my best as long as I have power, but disaster preparation will be high on […]

Doing Some Thursday Linkage

Let’s provide links while I can. Trying not to make this a week where links are scarce. Let’s get this done. First, Jessica E. Vascellaro and Darren Everson of the Wall Street Journal look at how infusions of TV rights money has changed college sports not necessarily for the better. John Ourand at Sports Business […]

Some Thursday Linkage

Being out of the office certainly kills any momentum for blogging and I’ve been out for most of the morning and trying to catch up ever since. Let’s get some linkage in as tonight will be busy for me as I do the Friday morning features the night before. The big story for today, Hall […]

Bringing Out Some Saturday Links

I started to do the Megalinks last night, but I fell asleep at my computer while doing them. I was out for most of the Friday so it prevented me from sitting down and pounding out the linkage yesterday. I’ll do it now to get you going for the 4th of July weekend. There’s a […]

Doling Out Tuesday Linkage

Got to work early so I figure that I’ll do linkage early and then do some what I have to do at the office. Let’s begin with a look at some of the ratings from the weekend via USA Today’s Michael Hiestand. Michael notes that the Cam Newton saga at the NFL Draft could bring […]

Slinging the Tuesday Links Your Way

Let’s do some linkage while I still can on this Tuesday. Lots of stuff to get to provided I don’t get interrupted. Mike McCarthy of USA Today writes about Louisville coach Rick Pitino making the media rounds this week. I may have linked to this so if I have already, I apologize. Nate Davis of […]

Some Mid-Week Linkage

Ok, time for some links on this Wednesday. Let’s provide some for you while I can. Michael Hiestand of USA Today notes that former CBS college basketball analyst Billy Packer is not enthused about the new TV arrangement for the NCAA Tournament. I’ve written a story for Dan Levy’s Press Coverage site on what the […]

Breaking Out the Tuesday Linkage

I hope to get these links done without interruption. I hate working from the RI main office because I get bogged down, but that’s what happens when you don’t have a car like I do. I have to depend on others to get me where I’m going and I can’t get to my MA office […]

Some Quick Wednesday Linkage

Ok, this may turn out to be a busy day for me so I’m going to try to sneak some links in. You may see this in multiple parts so here goes. We’ll begin with Tom Weir in USA Today’s Game On blog discussing Tucker Carlson of Fox News wanting Michael Vick executed? Michael Hiestand […]

Providing Some Wednesday Links

Yesterday, my attempts at providing links kept getting interrupted. I hope today is going to be more stable. Today has been a strange day. People on Twitter and the sports blogosphere are abuzz about the foot fetish videos that may or may not have come from Michelle Ryan, the wife of New York Jets coach […]

Some Frakking Linkage

Ok, I’ve been accumulating links when I finally got ready to provide them for you and I have enough that it’s time to bring them to you now. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand goes into two sports specials which are Pittsburgh-heavy. Austin Karp at Sports Business Daily notes that for the more part, college football ratings […]

Let’s Do Some Sunday Linkage

With the NFL games underway, it’s time to bring you some linakge today. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News says the NFL Network’s Thursday game between Houston and Philadelphia garnered just under 5.5 million viewers. The Hollywood Reporter notes that the BBC is coming under fire for undermining Britain’s bid for the 2018 World Cup. Ben […]

A Few Tuesday Links

Let do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. Short week for many of you so this is like a Thursday. Not me, but this is good. Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News writes that Bright House subscribers have begun to access the authenticated ESPN and online. Multichannel News notes that Fox Soccer Channel will […]