Quick Thoughts on the Summer TV Season

In fear of sounding like a Larry King column or *gulp* Jay Mohr, I don’t give you links but a few thoughts on this summer’s TV. First, too much reality TV on the networks. Yes, it’s cheap, but seeing silly premises like a tennis player choosing between 20 year old women and 40 year old […]

Perfect Ending for Meadowlands

The season finale of Meadowlands was tonight. It was the perfect ending to a season of mystery. We saw Danny Brogan preparing to get his family out of Cape Wrath. As Samantha was watching, she was suspicious of his plans. Danny used the opening of his new bar as a rouse to get his family […]

For Those of You Coming Over from

I see that some of you are coming over from which linked to this blog. linked you directly to the front page instead of the entry. I’ve asked Showtime to fix it, but here’s the link to my review in the interim. And stay for a while if you like.

Could Meadowlands be the Next Sopranos?

I was surfing the net this evening just minding my own business when I came across a preview for Showtime’s new series, “Meadowlands” that premieres on Sunday. The premise is a family that goes into the witness protection program and is given new names, new life, new home, all in a neighborhood where everything looks […]