Archives’s Mayne Street Returns This Week

The web series, Mayne Street, returns for a fifth season with ESPN’s Kenny Mayne playing a fictional Kenny Mayne with a fictional ESPN producer, Sarah Morton, played by the always lovely Alison Becker featuring various real ESPN personalities playing a fictional side of themselves. You get the idea of the fictional part. Here’s the press […]

Mayne Street – You Don't Know Pain

Yes indeedy, it’s a new season of the webseries Mayne Street. In the season 4 premiere, Kenny talks with X Games daredevil Travis Pastrana about what real pain is. ESPN NFL fantasy expert Matthew Berry (why?) and ESPN NFL analyst Mark “Stinky” Schlereth make cameos. We await the return of the lovely Alison Becker […]

Mayne Street – Can Staubach Go Left?

In the season finale, Kenny and Adam Corolla audition for a movie based on former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach. It ends up disastrous just like many things in Mayne Street. I liked this one. It’s also the last webisode in the Los Angeles part of the series.

Mayne Street – Just Give Me The Tickets

In this webisode, Kenny and Sarah (Alison Becker) are called into a special Sunday meeting with Evan Mintz and his assistant, Robin Gibney, only to find a confrontation waiting for them. Hilarity ensues. Or maybe not. Nice to see Aubrey Plaza playing Robin once again. But overall, the real star of Mayne Street is Alison […]

Mayne Street – The Sports Guy Mansion

Here we are with the season premiere of Mayne Street, the ESPN web series that has been quite fun to watch. I’ve enjoyed them for the most part. Here’s the first webisode of the new season. Here, Kenny visits the ever so pretentious Bill Simmons and the Sports Guy unveils the curtain behind his Boston […]

General Sports TV Press Releases

Let’s finish our press releases with a mishmash of subjects. Lots of stuff to post and they all don’t fit under one particular theme. As we get closer to the start of the NHL season, ESPN tells us that analysts Barry Melrose and Matthew Barnaby will return to talk puck on SportsCenter. Barry Melrose & […]

Mayne Street – Feed The Tape

In the last webisode of Mayne Street for a while, Kenny gets a huge scoop. The problem is getting the tape to Bristol for air. Nice to see Alison Becker get a prominent role this time. Chris reminds me of Adam Brody of “The O.C.” for some reason.

Posting Press Releases Before Bedtime

After watching a completely boring Home Run Derby tonight in which I fell asleep in the easy chair, it’s time to post some press releases before I shut off the lights and go to bed. I’ll begin with this release from MLB which states Walking Talking Conflict of Interest Bud Selig holds a Town Hall […]

Mayne Street – Sweet Smell of Success

In the latest webisode of Mayne Street, Video Cowboy shows Kenny how he picks winners at the Belmont Stakes. And we get a guest appearance from Jeannine Edwards. Not great. Not terrible. Average. Punch line was seen running from the backstretch.

Mayne Street – Cutbacks

The newest webisode of Mayne Street has Kenny and Video Cowboy dealing with cutbacks at ESPN. Check out cameos from Brian Kenny and Jeremy Schaap. And we get our first appearance this season from Evan Mintz. Still, not enough Alison Becker. We want more of Alison. Less of Evan Mintz. The best part for me […]

Monday's Press Releases

I have quite a few releases to post tonight so let’s get to them and hopefully, I won’t fall asleep with the computer on. I’ll begin with Fox Sports which says it will be Tweeting during the All-Star Game on July 14th. FOX SPORTS ALL A-TWITTER AT 80TH MLB ALL-STAR GAME MLB on FOX Plans […]

Mayne Street – I Didn't Say That

In the latest installment of Mayne Street, Kenny subs for ESPN Radio no-talent hack Colin Cowherd and then has to get revenge afterwards. Of course, the webisode has to plug Colin’s new show, “SportsNation”. Nice cameo by Barry Melrose. This actually worked. I know it’s fictional, but any time you make no-talent hack Cowherd look […]

A Huge Pile of Press Releases to Review

This is going to be a long post. Get ready to scroll for a while. Let’s do this without further delay. Starting with, it will be streaming Wimbledon live at its website, which is a good thing. “LIVE AT WIMBLEDON” STREAMING COVERAGE ANNOUNCED BY NBC SPORTS & ALL ENGLAND LAWN TENNIS CLUB First-Ever Widely […]

Mayne Street, "First and Ten"

In the latest installment of Mayne Street, Kenny ruins things with Scoop Jackson. This was very funny. Kenny tweeted last week that he liked this webisode more than the season premiere. I can see why. In this extra video, the lovely Alison Becker and Video Cowboy talk about composting. We’ll post another video of Mayne […]

Mayne Street "Twitter"

We have the season premiere of’s web series, Mayne Street. I can’t believe we went to a second season, but to be honest, I was mildly entertained by it, especially when Alison Becker is on. In this webisode titled, “Twitter”, Kenny decides he will communicate to everyone only by Twitter. Look for a special […]

Mayne Street, Part 14

In the next to last webisode of the series, Kenny and the gang go out for a meal and as usual, things don’t go as well as planned when more people latch onto their table. There are cameos by chef Bobby Flay and former cast members of “The Sopranos”, Dominic Chianese, Steve Schirippa and Tony […]

Mayne Street, Part 13

I guess ESPN is not counting the Robbie Maddison jump the satellite dish as an official webisode in the series and they’re calling this Part 13. Whatever. Actually, this is a pretty funny webisode. First, Sarah’s back. Second, Robin’s back. Third, it’s another in the formula where things go horribly wrong. In this webisode, Kenny, […]

Mayne Street, Part 12

In this webisode, Kenny tries to get motorcycle daredevil Robbie Maddison to jump ESPN’s satellite dishes, but of course, nothing turns out like Kenny wants. Plus, this is a cheap way for ESPN to promote Maddison’s New Year’s Eve jump in Las Vegas. In addition, watch for a funny cameo by Linda Cohn. Here’s some […]

Mayne Street, Part 7

This is entitled “Beijing”. Kenny, producer Sarah, shooter Cowboy and production assistant Jordan find they can’t go to Communist China for the Olympics so they try to fake it in New York’s Chinatown with some disastrous results. To be honest, this was a promising premise and from what I saw of the preview last night, […]

Mayne Street, Part 6

After a delay for the Thanksgiving Weekend, Part 6 of Mayne Street is out. In this webisode, Kenny, producer Sarah and executive Robin share a room at a hotel and quickly find themselves foils on a website. Enjoy. Robin is a bedwetter. Actually, this one is pretty funny.