The Fifth Fang’s Bites Mailbag

Time for another mailbag and let’s answer the sports media questions that have landed in the Fang’s Bites inbox over the last week or so. Thanks to all who sent e-mails and left comments. I’ll do my best to answer as best as I can. And don’t forget, I have two $50 gift cards. […]

Time For Another Mailbag; And I Have Swag!

Ok, let’s do another mailbag. I’ll take your sports media questions via e-mail at I’ve already received some good questions and I’d like to get some more so I can get a good sampling. What I have for you is a couple of $50 gift cards where you can buy sports apparel for […]

The Fourth Fang’s Bites Mailbag

It’s been quite a while since the last mailbag, October of last year to be precise and I’ve been meaning to do one. Let’s do one now since we have a few questions stockpiled. Thanks to you for sending questions and if you want to have one answered for the next mailbag later in the […]

Letters! We’ve Got Letters! Mailbag Time

I think it’s time for another mailbag. Don’t have swag for this one yet, I’m working on that. But send your questions to, or you can leave one at the Fang’s Bites Facebook page. No particular theme. You can ask anything on sports media, I’ll do my best to answer them. Each mailbag has […]

The Third Fang’s Bites Mailbag

Ok, time to answer your questions for the Fang’s Bites mailbag. You have come with great questions and I would like to thank you for taking the time for some nice thought out questions. I have great readers. As I mentioned previously, five people at random will be receiving swag from My Coke Rewards. The […]

Time For Another Mailbag and Fang’s Bites Has Gone Mobile!

First, it’s time for another Fang’s Bites mailbag and I do have some swag to give away courtesy of Coke’s My Rewards program. One person at random will receive a $200 prize pack including the following Coke Zero Branded Items: Rolling (foldable) Cooler (1 per pack) Long Sleeve T-shirts (1 per gift pack)  Cinch Totes […]

The Second Fang’s Bites Mailbag

Ok, let’s answer some questions that have come into the Fang’s Bites inbox over the last week or so. I will do another mailbag in October during MLB postseason and as college football and the NFL are in high gear so you can mark your calendars for that. And unfortunately, the swag did not come […]

Still Need A Few More Mailbag Questions

Ok, I’ve received some very good questions from you. I do need a few more. About three to four more so if you have sports media questions, preferably regarding the NFL, send them along to I hope to get a mailbag post up by Monday or Tuesday. Thanks.

Time For Another Mailbag

I thought I would do another mailbag around the end of September, but with NFL season coming fast upon us, I thought I would answer your questions about the NFL on TV or any other subject. I’m going to try to get some swag so I can give away some stuff to you, the loyal […]

The First Fang’s Bites Mailbag

Time to answer your sports media questions. Thanks to all who sent e-mails. Let’s make this a regular feature and I hope to do this every two or three months. And down the road, I hope to offer DVD’s, books and other swag. I don’t have anything for this mailbag, but I hope to have […]

I Want To Answer Your Questions

Ok, I’ve been doing the blog since 2007 and it’s time to do a mailbag post. If you have questions about sports media, the blog or comments about likes/dislikes in sports broadcasting, now is the time to get your e-mails in. I asked on Twitter and I’ll ask here on the blog. Send your e-mails […]