Mad Men

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 7 — Mid-Season Finale, “Waterloo”

This was an explosive episode and it was in the first 7 minutes! The backdrop is the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. Ted Chaough is taking some Sunkist executives for a plane ride when he cuts the engine and practically scares them to death. Pete is still in New York and he’s an angry […]

Episode 706

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 6 — “The Strategy”

Next to last episode for this year. This is no fun. Anyway, we see Peggy surveying customers at Burger Chef. Pete Campbell and his girlfriend, Bonnie are on a plane to New York. And they become members of the Mile High Club. She goes to see Don when they arrive at Sterling Cooper & Partners. […]

Episode 705

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 5 — “The Runaways”

Vietnam is the backdrop for this episode. Ginsberg hates the new IBM computer. Stan sees one of Lou’s comic strips left at the copier. Stan, Ginsberg and the copywriters have fun with it. But then Lou overhears a conversation about Stan making fun of it. And during a pitch meeting, Lou lets Stan have it. […]

mad men S704

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 4 — “The Monolith”

Pete is eating dinner with Bonnie, his girlfriend/real estate agent and sees an old client. Don is back at Sterling Cooper & Partners and finds Jim Cutler making an announcement about the installation about Harry Crane’s computer. The rank and file has to move to make room for it. Ginsberg is angry. Don finds about […]

Mad Men

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 3 — “Field Trip”

Our first view of Betty Francis of the season is this episode. Betty talks with Francine and they get passive-aggressive together. Then Betty helps to chaperone a field trip to a farm. Bobby Draper is pretty funny talking about his favorite monsters. But Bobby trades their lunch for candy and Betty gets pissed. Betty Francis […]

Mad Men- Sterling Cooper and Partners

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 2 — “A Day’s Work”

In this episode, there are quite a few things going on. Don is still unemployed and he’s asked his secretary Dawn to secretly keep him informed on what’s going on. In addition, he begins making feelers about working for other firms. Sally finds out Don no longer works at Sterling Cooper & Partners through a […]

Mad Men

Inside Mad Men: Season 7, Episode 1 — “Time Zones”

Ok, Mad Men is back. It’s 1969. It’s eight weeks in Mad Men time since the Season Six finale. SC&P is bi-coastal with offices in NYC and LA. Ted Chaough is back in NYC to pay a visit. Peggy is dealing with a new boss who doesn’t seem to like her as much as Don […]

Mad Men

Mad Men Season 7 Trailers

Yes, Mad Men is back and AMC is pulling the extended finale like it did with Breaking Bad by airing half of the last season this year and the rest next year. As we go into the final season, it will be 1968 and Don Draper will be based in California as will Peter Campbell, […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 13, “In Care Of”

Ok, where do we begin? Lots of things packed into the season finale that leads up to the final episodes next year. I have no idea how to start this. I’ll do it this way. Don Draper basically hits rock bottom. His relationship with Sally is in the dumper. He hits a minister and spends […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 12, “The Quality of Mercy”

Well, this was an interesting episode. Ted and Peggy are getting closer. Don feels guilty over his affair and messing up Sally. After seeing Don bang his mistress last week, Sally decides to go to boarding school and goes for an interview. She gets to see Creepy Glen again. On the way home, Betty gives […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 11, “Favors”

Because I was in Philadelphia over the weekend, I have not seen this episode, so I can’t give you a proper recap. But you expect videos following the episode, so that’s what I’ll provide. Here’s the recap with Matthew Weiner and others. I’m not watching this video, but you can provided you’ve seen the show […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode, 10, “A Tale of Two Cities”

Ok, with just three episodes left in the season, we get quite an interesting installment tonight. Let’s go over what happened. The Chicago riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention are a backdrop to the episode. Don, Roger and Harry Crane go to California in an attempt to drum up new business. Ted Chaough tries […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 9, “The Better Half”

Ok, this was a wild episode. Peggy has difficulties with Abe, but we find out Ted has feelings for her. We get a look at the thinner Betty Francis. Pete starts to look for a new job with a reappearance by Duck Phillips. Roger has a day with his four year old grandson, only to […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 8, “The Crash”

This was one of the wildest episodes of the series. With this year set in 1968, drug experimentation is a big part of the plot. So the Agency That Has Yet To Be Named takes an “energy serum” otherwise known as Speed to help deal with another Chevrolet deadline. Frank Gleason of the old CGC […]

Inside Mad Men: Season 6, Episode 7, “Man With a Plan”

Ok, the season is definitely ramping up. We had Sterling Cooper Draper Price merging with Cutler Gleason and Chaough in the SCDP offices. Still no new name of the merged agency. Don tries to control an angry Sylvia who threw Arnold out of their apartment only to find that she wants to end the whole […]