Unleashing Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, let’s get this done. Lots of linkage from yesterday and today. I need to catch up. Let’s go. Check out your Weekend Viewing Picks for the sports and entertainment programming for Saturday and Sunday. National Mike McCarthy of USA Today wonders if there’s a glass ceiling for women in sports television. Former Comcast SportsNet […]

It’s Been Way Too Long Without Linkage

I appreciate you still visiting Fang’s Bites as I’ve been trying to keep the site updated for you. Linkage has been scarce since Sunday. Been busy helping my sister with her son and then I was out for most of the morning. Time to provide you with some linkage. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says […]

Bringing Out The Tuesday Links

Let’s do some links for you now. First, Sports Business Journal’s editorial team talked with ESPN and NFL executives on the decision to remove Hank Williams, Jr.’s open from Monday Night Football. Michael Hiestand of USA Today looks at the ratings from the weekend in sports television. Mike Lopresti of USA Today writes about Turner […]

Doing Some Megalinks

Today, I was all over the place going in between two offices, heading to see a client and running through Northern Rhode Island for no good reason. But I’m trying to do some megalinkage after not being able to do them last week so let’s not delay any further. Check out the Weekend Viewing Picks […]

NFL Network Announcing Teams Since 2006

The upheaval in the NFL Network Thursday Night Football booth has been well documented. Now that Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock are officially the new announcing team, we look at the people NFL Network have assembled over the years. Let’s hope that this team can remain in place through the end of the current NFL […]

Doing The Tuesday Links

I need to get these up quickly as the NBC/NHL conference call will occur at 1 p.m. today. I won’t be able to monitor it, but I do hope to provide details as they become available. Lots of links to get to. The major news of the day thus far is NBC’s renewal of its […]

Doing The Saturday Linkage

I got up early this morning (not that you care) and it now enables me to do some links for you. Some good stuff out today. First USA Today’s Mike McCarthy, we learn that Joe Theismann claims he has not been told about any changes to the NFL Network Thursday Night Football booth. Earlier this […]

Let’s Do Some Friday Megalinkage

Last week, I could not do the megalinks as I was traveling in between two offices. Yesterday, I seemed to get that out of the way so it appears that I’m free to do the megalinks today. I hope I can give you a full set. As usual, there’s a full set of Weekend Viewing […]

NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football Announcing Teams

Here’s how NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football announcing teams have looked since 2006: 2006 – Bryant Gumbel/Cris Collinsworth 2007 – Bryant Gumbel/Cris Collinsworth 2008 – Bob Papa/Cris Collinsworth 2009 – Bob Papa/Matt Millen 2010 – Bob Papa/Matt Millen/Joe Theismann/Alex Flanagan 2011 – Gus Johnson/Mike Mayock (speculated, not confirmed) You can see there hasn’t been much […]

The 4th Annual Fang’s Bites NFL TV Awards

With another regular season over, it’s time to hand out my awards for the best and worst in NFL TV. Lots of hardware to hand out. If you want to see past awards, you can check the inaugural, 2nd and 3rd annual awards. Best Play by Play: I’m going to go Against the Grain this […]

The Day After Christmas Links

I hope your holiday went well for you and Santa brought you the presents you desired. We’re back with linkage today. Let’s get to it on this snowy Sunday. On the USA Olympic site, noted Olympics writer Alan Abrahamson remembers great Olympics filmmaker Bud Greenspan who died yesterday. The films of Bud Greenspan made me […]

Cranking Out Some Sunday Links

Let’s do some Sunday links for you today. Good stuff to get to. Let’s get cranking. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News reports that DirecTV is rebranding FSN affiliates in Denver, Pittsburgh and Seattle. Mike writes that NFL Network hit a season-low audience for Thursday Night Football, not reaching an average five million viewers for the […]

Bringing Back Some Megalinks, Part I

Since I’ll be away from any wireless technology this afternoon, I’m doing the megalinks now and will try to get as many as I can in before leaving the office for the day. Let’s start now and I’ll provide some links I could not get to over the last couple of days. National USA Today’s […]

Joe Theismann Is Who We Thought He Was

NFL Network returned Thursday with the 4th incarnation of its announcing team in five seasons. And to be honest, the official TV network of the National Football League which has done tremendously in producing original programming such as America’s Game, Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players, NFL Game of the Week, NFL Replay, NFL Total Access, […]

Thursday Night Football Begins This Week With A Stellar Matchup

Thursday Night Football on NFL Network returns this week with a matchup of 6-2 teams, the Atlanta Falcons hosting the Baltimore Ravens. Can’t ask for a better way to premiere an 8 game package of games. However, it also means the debut of motormouth analyst Joe Theismann who never passed the opportunity to talk into […]

Highlights of NFL Network Conference Call Involving Joe Theismann and Kurt Warner

This week, NFL Network brought new Thursday Night Football analysts Joe Theismann and Kurt Warner to talk to the media about their new roles for the package as live games begin next week. And joining them was new NFL Network Sr. VP for production and programming, Mark Quenzel. As usual, Theismann was verbose, but when […]

Your Thursday Linkage

Ok, let’s do some links on this rainy Thursday in the Northeast. Time to look at what’s going on today. First from the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Brian Hendrickson recaps a symposium in which Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio was frank in a panel discussion on the whole Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger story. Philiana Ng […]

NFL Network’s Announcing Teams Since 2006

Since NFL Network started airing live games in 2006, its broadcast booth has been a bastion of inconsistency. Since Bryant Gumbel left in 2007, there have been changes every year. Let’s take a look at the combinations. 2006 – Bryant Gumbel & Cris Collinsworth2007 – Bryant Gumbel & Cris Collinsworth 2008 – Bob Papa & […]

NFL Network Announcement on Joe Theismann

I’ve already expressed my opinion on this. Here’s the official press release from NFL Network. JOE THEISMANN JOINS NFL NETWORK’S THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL BOOTH Former Super Bowl Winning Quarterback Joins Bob Papa and Matt Millen for Primetime NFL Games  Former Washington Redskins and Super Bowl winning quarterback Joe Theismann joins NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football […]