It's a Monday Link Thing

On this back to work Monday, we have a few more tributes for Jim McKay who died Saturday in Maryland. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand writes that McKay spanned several eras in his career. Newsday’s Neil Best is amazed that in this day and age, no one has said a bad word about McKay. Leonard Shapiro […]

Sunday Links

Now that I have my new computer, I can provide you with some weekend stuff that I had been providing before my old battlestation spit the bit. Let me give you some links now. Also, I’ll do the Week Ahead, something that I had been writing occasionally. First, some links. From Richard Sandomir of the […]

Videos of the Week: Jim McKay

Yesterday, we learned of the passing of legendary ABC Sports broadcaster Jim McKay. He has left behind a tremendous legacy from his early days with CBS Sports as the host of The Masters to his long career with ABC Sports as he spanned the globe as the host of Wide World of Sports. Today, we […]

Bob Costas' Tribute to Jim McKay

Earlier today, this generation’s Olympic host, Bob Costas paid tribute to Jim McKay, the man who paved the way for him and many of today’s sports broadcasters.

Jim McKay, 1921 – 2008

Yes, I’m back with a new computer and a few new bells & whistles. Very happy that I can blog again on the weekends. But I’m also sad as well. Today marks the passing of sports broadcasting pioneer Jim McKay. To me, he defined the host of Olympic broadcasts. He also educated us on Olympic […]