Looking at the Next Generation of Olympic Announcers

As we go into the second week of the 2012 London Olympics or the Games of the XXX Summer Olympiad, I thought I would take the opportunity on this middle Sunday to look ahead for the next set of Games on television. We know that NBCUniversal will carry the Olympics through 2020, that’s two Winter […]

ESPN SportsCenter Segment on ABC’s Wide World of Sports

On SportsCenter Sunday and into this morning, ESPN is airing this segment paying tribute to the 50th anniversary of ABC’s Wide World of Sports. This week, ESPN Classic is airing programs commemorating the anniversary and this particular segment is a very nice look back at some of the sports Wide World covered dating back to […]

The Ten Most Influential Sports Series on American Television

This is going to be a wide ranging post. Unlike the last post on Best Announcers of All-Time, I will explain my reasons for choosing them. It’s quite an interesting list.10. The American Sportsman – ABC Sports (1965-1986) Hosted by Curt Gowdy, the show started from a segment in ABC’s Wide World of Sports, a […]

Doing the Monday Links

After not watching any sports on Sunday (visiting the three week old niece in NYC), I’m catching up with what I missed today. Starting with USA Today’s Michael Hiestand who looks over what the NFL pregame studio analysts had to say about the league’s bottom feeders. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch writes that ESPN has hired […]

Videos of the Week – ABC's Wide World of Sports

Thanks to ESPN, this show doesn’t exist anymore. Ok, maybe I’m judgmental in saying ESPN killed this show since the Wide World title reappeared during ESPN/ABC’s coverage of the Belmont Stakes last year, but the program hasn’t been on the air in full since the late 1990’s when ESPN took over ABC Sports. But we […]

The Mid-Week Links

I’ll give you some links today then do some work. Before I get to that, I have some self plugs. First, if you have not done so, please join my Facebook blog network. Next, if you want keep up on my posts, you can do so

Videos of the Week: 1984 Summer Olympics

Today, we start to get ready for the Olympics with various looks at coverage from previous games. This morning, we go back to the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles which were covered by ABC in the US, CBC in Canada and the BBC in the UK. We’ll have video clips from each network and […]

Some More Monday Evening Links

Because I had to cut my last entry short, I will give you some more links tonight. ESPN outlines its coverage for Wimbledon which will start later this month. Take some time and read The Biz of Baseball’s State of Major League Baseball 2008 authored by various writers, authors, bloggers and baseball execs. If you […]

Your Monday Morning Links

Well, it was Father’s Day yesterday and it was time to take dad out for lunch. I was out of the house for most of the day which meant I could not blog yesterday, but I’m back now and let’s get to the links. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says putting the U.S. Open in […]

It's a Saturday Link Afternoon

I’ve been Mr. Fixit today, running errands and fixing things around the house. I just wondered what we did before HGTV or DIY Network. Without them, there’s no way we could not do the simpler repairs around the house. But thanks to them, we can fix things around the kitchen sink or the back yard […]

Mourning Broadcasters

In a span of a short seven days, we have lost three broadcasters. Each man has helped to shape the industry. And as we go into Father’s Day weekend, we find that Jim McKay, Charlie Jones and Tim Russert were devout family men. Last Saturday, June 7, Jim McKay of ABC Sports died in Maryland […]

Your Friday Megalinks

It’s Friday and we have plenty of media links to give you. But before we get to the links, let’s go over the sporting weekend. Weekend Viewing PicksThe weekend will be dominated by the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, Game 5 of the NBA Finals and Interleague play in Major League Baseball. NBC will have […]

A More Than A Few Thursday Night Links

Well, U.S. Open has been the dominant sports story of the day. As much as I enjoy criticizing ESPN, I will give the network praise today for live online coverage of the U.S. Open and the Euro 2008 soccer tournament. Through ESPN360, I was able to keep track of the Open and Croatia-Germany thanks to […]

Your Thursday Links

I’m at my office checking the links for you. We begin with the Boston Herald’s Jessica Heslam talks with ESPN’s Michele Tafoya who has been covering the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett since he was drafted out of high school. Don Stacom from the Hartford Courant writes that ESPN is asking its hometown of Bristol, CT to […]

The Mid-Week Linkage

On this Wednesday, Southern New England is much cooler and less humid than the last few days so I’m not sweating as much. Going over the linkage for you, let’s start with Michael Hiestand of USA Today. He writes that Jim McKay did not regret leaving TV. Richard Sandomir of the New York Times has […]

Some Tuesday Evening Links

As I watch the Red Sox-O’s game in the cool basement of my house, I’ll give you some linkage. Justin Terranova of the New York Post writes in his TV Sports blog that Fox Sports is the early favorite to bring newly-retired Michael Strahan into their fold. And Justin has comments from Strahan’s former teammate, […]

Your Tuesday Links

As I crank the air conditioning in my office, it’s time to give you some links so you can be a sedentary and remain cool on this scorcher of a day. We’re expecting temperatures to reach the upper 90’s here in Southern New England and it’s just too hot to be outside. Starting with Newsday’s […]

Late Monday Night Links

I’ll give you a few more links tonight before calling it a night. First, Ken McMillan of the Times Herald-Record (NY) gives a remembrance of Jim McKay in his blog. Ray Frager of the Baltimore Sun writes that McKay’s former TV station, WMAR, will air a special on McKay starting tomorrow. The Sports Media Watch […]

HBO to re-air Jim McKay Documentary This Week

From the fine people at HBO Sports comes word that the network will air “Jim McKay: My World in My Words” this week starting on Thursday. HBO Sports will be re-airing the 2003 documentary “JIM McKAY: MY WORLD IN MY WORDS” later this week. The one-hour Sports Emmy-winning film — written and narrated by Jim […]

Quick Monday Afternoon Update

I can give you a few more links today. Starting with David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch where he updates us on the John Tomase situation at the Boston Herald. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch writes about Jim McKay’s death and the impact of his work on his fellow sportscasters and at the 1972 Munich […]