Late Thursday Night Stuffage

I’ll give you some more stuff tonight. First, a quick update on Broadview Networks. Well, the repairman showed up at my office at noon today and proceeded to fix the problem. It took 2.5 hours to get everything up and working again. Of course at the end, he handed a bill which totaled $375 when […]

Fox Sports' Announcing Teams for the NFL

Got the latest press release from Fox Sports officially announcing the announcing teams for the NFL on Fox. Nice to see Charissa Thompson graduating from the Big Ten Network going to do sideline work on the NFL. By the way, not to pat myself on the back, but I was one of the first blogs […]

Some Wednesday Links

I’m back from running errands so it’s time for some links on this Wednesday. First, I’m seeing increased traffic the last two days. It’s all for my post last year on Hot Chicks, formerly in Sports Broadcasting, who should be back in Sports Broadcasting. It’s mainly for this picture of Jillian Reynolds. If anyone knows […]

It's Sunday

Yup. Sunday. Day when we’re supposed to do some work around the house, read the paper and watch some football. That’s never the formula for me, but I do try to get a few things done. Anyway, enough about me and time for some links. Starting with Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News, […]

Sunday Links on a NFL Week

Let’s do some links for you today as we get ready for NFL Week 1. Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News goes off on the network studio analysts who criticized NBC’s Tiki Barber who criticized his former coach and team during the preseason. Raissman notes the only person defending Barber was his studio-mate, […]

Wednesday Midday Links or Day 3 of the Dennis & Callahan Lockout

I had to go to a meeting earlier today so there were no links, but I’m back now so let’s go to it. I’ll have more on the Dennis & Callahan lockout further down in this entry. Earlier today, Fox Sports had a webcast of its NFL seminar featuring its Sunday pre-game crew of host […]