Jericho Is Back!

Albeit in reruns on The CW, but starting November 30, the first season of Jericho will be on at 7 p.m. Sundays. It’s wishful thinking on my part, but perhaps if the ratings do well enough, maybe we can get that third season we’ve all been waiting for? The CW had outsourced its Sunday primetime […]

Jericho's Back!

Well, on SciFi in reruns, anyway. Season 1 is being run from the pilot to episode 8 today from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Does this mean anything? I’m not sure, but it was nice to see Gerald McRaney, Skeet Ulrich, Alicia Coppola and the other cast members of this special show. I miss it. […]

Save Jericho Again

A new ad paid for by fans of the canceled CBS show, “Jericho”. If you’re a fan of the show like I am, lend your support to this site and sign up.

Alternate Ending to Jericho

I don’t know how the person who posted this video at YouTube did it, this is ending to the second season of Jericho had CBS picked up the series for another year. Hawkins gives himself up to allow Jake to get away with the bomb. Watching this makes me sad about the ending of the […]

Tuesday Night Update

I’ll give you a Tuesday night update here as I flip between the Red Sox-Tigers game and the coverage of the Indiana and North Carolina primaries. Newsday’s Neil Best previews tonight’s “YESterdays” program on the YES Network which focuses on Alex Rodriguez. And Neil talks with 1050 ESPN Radio’s/YES Network’s Michael Kay about his criticism […]

Wednesday Evening Update

Blogger is scheduled to go down at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT so before that happens, let me give you some links that I could not get to earlier as I was doing a few things at work (like watch the Big East Tournament online). Let’s start with Newsday’s Neil Best who writes in his […]

Videos of the Week – Jericho Returns

Some videos for you as we get ready for the premiere tonight. You may seen these already. First, the cast and crew thank the fans for bringing the show back. CBS put together a video on the Battle for Jericho. If you’ve forgotten, here’s the first season in a nutshell. And here’s a behind the […]

More Jericho Linkage

I’m definitely getting ready for Jericho tonight. I’ll give you some more links related to the premiere at 10 p.m. Lynette Rice of Entertainment Weekly talks with Jericho co-executive producer Karim Zreik about the show’s return. And EW’s Marc Vera has a photo gallery which gives you what’s happened in the show thus far. Jonathan […]

Jericho Returns Tuesday

After what has seemed to be 7 years, the series, “Jericho” returns to CBS on Tuesday. After a hairy situation last year after the network canceled the show, a large letter writing campaign plus the “NUTS” campaign helped to bring the series back. Now, this is for a limited run, just 7 episodes, but that […]

Thursday Stuff

Time for some links today. This is the day when the MLB Draft is televised for the first time. ESPN2 gets the honors so the Alleged Worldwide Leader will have the drafts of the NFL, NBA and MLB in its fold. Today’s draft is being held at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex Josh Robbins […]


Three cast members of Jericho made this video. It was released today, probably before the news of Jericho’s renewal became official.

The Return of Jericho

It’s official!!!!! CBS has announced the renewal of Jericho for midseason in 2008. June 6, 2007 To the Fans of Jericho: Wow! Over the past few weeks you have put forth an impressive and probably unprecedented display of passion in support of a prime time television series. You got our attention; your emails and collective […]

Some more Wednesday Stuff

Giving you a few more bits of news today. First, the fine blog, Sports Media Watch looks behind the poor ratings of the NHL for Games 1, 2 and 3 and what programs finished ahead of them. Saturday night’s ratings for NBC were very bad as you’re aware by now. Newsday’s Neil Best says Chris […]

ABC Upfronts Review

Virginia Heffernan complained about the cold, Jimmy Kimmel’s standup and talks about Oprah getting her own reality show. It’s all here. Michael Ausiello of TV Guide has a running real time blog of the events today. Jericho, one of my faves this season, has been canceled! No!!!!!! However, CBS has picked up How I Met […]

Jericho and Lost

Some thoughts on the two shows tonight. I hope this isn’t the end of Jericho. The show ended the season on a very high note. New Bern trying to invade Jericho. The Green men, Johnston, Jake and Eric leading the defense of the town. Touching moments like Stanley, Mimi and Bonnie at the Richmond graves […]