Unveiling Some Thursday Links

Let’s get to some linkage. Four days in a row. Let’s keep up the momentum. Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the NFL is considering suspending the Pro Bowl. Stuart Kemp of the Hollywood Reporter writes that BBC’s staff to cover the London Olympics will outnumber the British athletic contingent to the Games. Tim Baysinger […]

Dropping A Few Tuesday Links

Let’s provide a few links here. Don’t think I can do a full set, but I’ll try. In Sports Business Journal, John Ourand says MLB and Sirius XM have come to terms on streaming audio of live baseball games and will eventually be able to provide both home and away feeds starting next month. Brian […]

Attempting A Friday Megalink Post

This week has been hellish for me and I apologize for not being able to post as much as I would like. I’ve been away from my computer for most of the day and by the time I get home, I’m tired and don’t want to update the blog. Well, with me already done my […]

Breaking Out The Monday Links

For the last few weeks, we’ve been having issues with the server and some of you have complained to me. Suffice to say that I hope to have this fixed very soon. I will keep you apprised of the situation. In the meantime, thanks for your patience on the matter. To the links. We begin […]

Our NCAA Tournament Tuesday Links

I know not many of you will feel it necessary to watch tonight’s FIRST FOUR™ doubleheader of the NCAA Tournament, but I will. Yes, the Tournament doesn’t start in earnest until Thursday, but seeing some postseason college basketball one day after Selection Sunday is always welcome. Let’s do some links for you. Michael Hiestand of […]

Let's Do The Friday Megalinks Again

Linkage has been scarce around the site this week, but I should be able to get a good set of megalinks in today as we head into NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday. You deserve the links and I thank you for your patience around some server problems this week. As usual, you can check the Weekend […]

Let's Do The Friday Megalinks

Lots of things to get to today. Couldn’t do the links yesterday. Going to do a big megalink edition for you. Let’s get cracking, but first, there’s the Weekend Viewing Picks complete with a link to the busy College Basketball Viewing Picks which will be updated throughout the weekend. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks […]

Our Tuesday Links

Let’s provide some links now. John Ourand and John Lombardo of Sports Business Journal write that local NBA TV ratings are up thus far. Eric Fisher of SBJ writes that sports arenas have an issue with providing more bandwidth as fans demand wifi access. Paul White at USA Today says the newly-renamed Miami Marlins are […]

Doing Some Monday Linkage For You

Let’s do some long overdue linkage for you. It’s been owed big time. We begin with Mike McCarthy of USA Today who writes that a San Diego sports anchor is in trouble for referring to NASCAR driver Danica Patrick as a “B.” Michael Hiestand from USA Today says the NBA All-Star Game’s overnight ratings are […]

Late Monday Afternoon Links

This week is going to be busy for me. I was cleaning out an office for most of the day and it looks like that will be on the agenda for the rest of the month. I’ll do my best to post what I can here. But just know that I may be scarce. I’ll […]

ESPN Takes Additional Action in Jeremy Lin Headline Slur

ESPN has announced disciplinary action against the person responsible for the Asian slur on the network’s mobile site and ESPNews anchor Max Bretos who used the same phrase earlier in the week. ESPN won’t name the headline writer, but needless to say that person has been fired. Bretos has been suspended for a month. ESPN […]

A Few Sunday Links

Looks like I’ll be out for most of the day today. Avoided my day being planned for me on Saturday, but not on Sunday. Multichannel News looks at NBC Sports Group’s Hockey Day in America coverage. Kent Gibbons of Multichannel writes that Fuse which was dropped by Time Warner Cable ahead of its dispute with […]

Saturday Linkage

The last thing I wanted to wake up to this morning was reaction to racist headlines regarding Jeremy Lin, but that’s what we have on this Saturday. I’ve already written a post about it and I’ve given my opinion about the incident already. I’ll give ESPN the benefit of the doubt feeling the headline was […]

ESPN Had To Go There With Jeremy Lin

From the “What Were They Thinking?” Department, someone at ESPN put a “Chink in the Armor” headline at its mobile and tablet site for Jeremy Lin’s first loss. While it was not visible at its desktop site, many people saw it and quickly put screengrabs on Twitter. The headline was removed, but not after an […]

Wringing Out Some Friday Megalinks

Let’s do your media megalinks since last week you did not get any. Hard to believe that college baseball, college lacrosse and NASCAR seasons are starting up, but they are and they’re included in the Weekend Viewing Picks along with the regular Golf, NBA, NHL, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis and Entertainment recommendations. To your links now. […]

Some Quick Thursday Links

Ok, going to attempt some linkage here. Quite busy, but I’ll try to sneak some stuff for you. Eric Fisher of Sports Business Daily looks at the new $3.99 charge for the new March Madness Live app for the NCAA Tournament. R. Thomas Umstead of Multichannel News/Broadcasting & Cable also writes about the new March […]