Jenn Sterger Takes Shots At ESPN For Hiring Hot Blonds

Ever since this whole Brett Favre sexting incident, Jenn Sterger has been trying to find her niche. Her show at Versus was canceled. Then she’s been doing various freelance gigs plus an interview with Good Morning, America, but really hasn’t found that signature role that she call her own. Then I happen to find through […]

The Friday Megalinks Are Here! Hurray!

Time for some megalink action. This is turning out to be a busy day, but let me try to give you as many as I can. This being Memorial Day weekend, there’s plenty of sports action. Primetime viewing is kind of slim, but you can check out my Weekend Viewing Picks for the action. Let’s […]

Some Monday Night Linkage Which Goes Into Tuesday Linkage

I was trying to post links last night and was making really good progress when, you guessed it, I fell asleep with the computer on again. That’s not good. So I’ll combine the full set of links that I found last night with this edition so you have a pretty good set of stories to […]

Providing The Monday Links

Having already gone to a jobsite early this morning and having returned to the office already, I have some time to provide you with the Monday links. There’s a lot of stuff out there already so without further delay, here are your media links for today. From USA Today, Michael Hiestand writes that CBS certainly […]

Coming Back For Sunday Links

After not being able to bring you the Friday megalinks or even Saturday linkage, I have some time to provide the Sunday linkage. Some good stuff here and don’t forget to read my Sunday thoughts. USA Today’s Mike McCarthy breaks news that former co-host of Versus’ The Daily Line, Jenn Sterger will give her first […]

The NFL’s Statement On Brett Favre

Well, since this was also a sports media story as well as an NFL story, we are presenting you with the complete statement from the National Football League in regards to the Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger situation. It’s not the punishment or suspension that Sterger nor her lawyer are looking for. Favre will not be suspended, […]

Providing Some Wednesday Links

Yesterday, my attempts at providing links kept getting interrupted. I hope today is going to be more stable. Today has been a strange day. People on Twitter and the sports blogosphere are abuzz about the foot fetish videos that may or may not have come from Michelle Ryan, the wife of New York Jets coach […]

It’s the Sunday Links

Ok, been a crazy morning. Now that everything with New York Giants-Minnesota has been worked out, I can move on to other things. Let’s do your linkage. At, Greg Garber looks back at NBC’s experiment of an announcerless NFL game 30 years ago.  Tim Graham at also has a story on the experiment. […]

Providing Some Thursday Linkage

Doing my best to continue to provide linkage while I’m still locked in a nightmarish work schedule. And for some reason, I can’t access the Fang’s Bites at Boston Sports Media Watch page so if you access my links there, I can’t provide new ones for now. Trying to get that resolved and once we […]

Quick Monday Links

I’m traveling in between two offices this morning and I want to get some linkage in while I can. Let’s get it started. First, a rare moment when Sports Business Daily opens up its Morning Fix feature and it has a couple of sports media notes including what’s happening at the new Comcast/NBC Sports division […]

Quick Sunday Links

Let’s do some linkage on this Sunday. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News mentions that Tennis Channel has begun coverage of the year-ending ATP World Tour Finals this week. Stu Hackel of Sports Illustrated looks at the New York Islanders’ silly ban of blogger Chris Botta. Doug Farrar of Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner blog says NFL Network’s […]

Bringing Back Some Megalinks, Part I

Since I’ll be away from any wireless technology this afternoon, I’m doing the megalinks now and will try to get as many as I can in before leaving the office for the day. Let’s start now and I’ll provide some links I could not get to over the last couple of days. National USA Today’s […]

Monday’s Links

Plenty of things going on as we have hit November. In addition, we’re getting

Providing Some Sunday Links

Yesterday was busier than I expected both personally and sports media-wise. I was out most of the day which prevented me from providing links, but then the Cablevision/Fox story broke and I give tremendous kudos to Brian Stelter of the New York Times

DEVELOPING: Versus Cancels “The Daily Line”

Citing low ratings, Versus has canceled The Daily Line. It was touted as an alternative to ESPN’s SportsCenter. Premiering in April during the NHL postseason, The Daily Line settled into an 11 p.m. timeslot featuring multiple hosts including former Florida State University Cowgirl Jenn Sterger who eventually became a lightning rod over the Brett Favre […]