Some Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

I need to be posting more. I’ve been busy during the day and find myself trying to catch up on Viewing Picks at night and it’s been a losing proposition. I’ll do my best to update more often here in the coming weeks. Let’s do some thoughts while I can. As usual, they come in […]

Sports Media Weekly No. 127 — Jen Royle, Sports Reel Boston

Another week and it means another podcast with my friend and podcast partner, Southern New England media mogul Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal. As usual, Keith and I discuss the news of the week. We began with the news about ESPN buying the rights to the new college football playoff for 12 years beginning […]

Some Monday Sports Media Thoughts

Time to provide some sports media thoughts as we begin another workweek. Of course, they will be in bullet form. What was once the place for sports networks to convene to put pressure on cable has suddenly become the place to hold out. DirecTV was once the provider to pick up sports networks before anyone […]

Some Sunday Linkage

I have some time on this NFL Sunday to provide some rare weekend linkage. Let’s get to it. Chris Chase at USA Today’s Game On blog notes that Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder has confirmed that he’s dating ESPN College GameDay’s Samantha Steele. Mike Reynolds of Multichannel News talks about the Pac-12 Networks being made […]

Some Really Quick Tuesday Sports Media Thoughts

Due to that stupid office move that prevented me from updating the site regularly over the last two two weeks, I wasn’t able to provide some regular features here. I’m slowly getting back on track. Thanks for your patience and continued readership during this period. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I’ll do some […]

Some Very Quick Friday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

I’m going to down a few quick thoughts as I’m going to busy during the day so I don’t know if I’ll be able to post much. I’ll give you some thoughts to tie you in the interim. I was saddened to hear that USA Today laid off reporters in its sports section. Those cut […]

Making Time For The Wednesday Linkage

I haven’t been able to links for a couple of days. I have a few leftover stuff since Monday, but nothing totally clogging up my browser, but I do want to give you a full set of stories today. I’ve done my best to summarize the whole bizarre Sarah Phillips/ people story and that’s over […]

Some Selection Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

On this NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday, it’s time to present some sports media thoughts and as usual, they come in bullet form. With college basketball’s conference tournaments wrapping up and we get ready for three awesome weeks of the NCAA Tournament, ESPN’s coverage of Championship Week (11 days in reality) has been nothing short of […]

Your Monday Linkage

Back to work for many of you. Let’s get some Monday links in. Mike McCarthy at USA Today says the networks have missed a competitive Tiger Woods. Tom Weir of USA Today adds that Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert has pulled his Quicken Loans ads from Rush Limbaugh’s radio show over a budding controversy. The […]

Wringing Out Some Friday Megalinks

Let’s do your media megalinks since last week you did not get any. Hard to believe that college baseball, college lacrosse and NASCAR seasons are starting up, but they are and they’re included in the Weekend Viewing Picks along with the regular Golf, NBA, NHL, Skiing, Soccer, Tennis and Entertainment recommendations. To your links now. […]

Tuesday Night Linkage

I owe you linkage. I’m in a bad stretch so linkage is scarce. I try to give you breaking news when I can. Let’s start with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who reports that MLB on Fox will go eight straight weeks in primetime during the upcoming 2012 season. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says it’s […]

Sports Media Weekly Podcast No. 91, Jen Royle

With our regularly scheduled podcast, Keith Thibault of Sports Media Journal are back to discuss the sports media news of the week. Having already discussed the Super Bowl earlier this week, Keith and I put a wrap on the Big Game by noting the record online numbers for the first-ever legal online stream of the […]

Tuesday Links with Some Overdue Monday Linkage

I was hoping to do links on Monday featuring reviews of the Super Bowl and the ads, but real life got in the way. Plus, a link from to my Biff Henderson post temporarily knocked my site down. Much appreciated to Jimmy Traina and Hot Clicks for the link. The links begin with Sports […]

A Few Friday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

As my computer churns away with another silly Windows Update, it’s time for a few thoughts on the sports media. They are in bullet form as always. The signing of Jim Rome by CBS Sports is a big one. As CBS Sports Network attempts to expand from its regular diet of college sports, it nabs […]

Some Tuesday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

I haven’t written a sports media thoughts post in quite some time. I owe you one do let’s do this without further delay. As always, they come in bullet form. Last night’s BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and LSU was another dull affair, just like their first game in the regular season. ESPN did […]