Some Tuesday Links

I hope those of you in the Mid-Atlantic states are ok after Hurricane Sandy. I’m lucky to still have power after yesterday’s gusts in Southern New England. I know many are not. Hopefully you’re ok after Sandy and you can start getting back to normal. Let’s do some linkage for you. Michael Hiestand of USA […]

Cranking Out Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, linkage has been really scarce over the last month and a half and I apologize for that. My schedules have been quite busy and it’s been tough to sit down for the time it takes to gather the links. I hope that changes over the next month or so. I have some National links […]

Doing Some Quick Wednesday Linkage

Lots of stuff going on here and it’s prevented me from providing links. I’ll do some now while I can. Anthony Crupi of Adweek reports that the NFL has put the kybosh on a new Thursday Night Football package until next season. Michael Smith and John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal report that with […]

Friday Megalinks Just For You

Let’s do some linkage. The Weekend Viewing Picks give you everything to you need for your viewing pleasure. Let’s do this. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today writes that primetime is the right time for college football. Tripp Mickle of Sports Business Daily reports that ESPN has sold out its ad inventory for its new […]

Your Mid-Week Linkage

Let’s do some links on this Wednesday. It’s going to be busy for me later on and I’ll be away from internet access for a bit this afternoon so I’m going to the links now. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at the circuitous path NFL Network RedZone host Scott Hanson took to getting to getting […]

The Tuesday Evening Linkage

Because I was a jobsite for most of the morning and into the early afternoon, I wasn’t able to supply links today. I’ll get to them now. Austin Karp leads the Sports Business Daily team in looking at the overnight ratings for the Monday Night Football doubleheader on ESPN. Eric Fisher of Sports Business Journal […]

Getting The Wednesday Linkage In

Let’s do the Wednesday links while I can. It’s going to get busy the next couple of days as I try to wrap things up for the 4th of July weekend so blogging may get sparse through the weekend. Just giving you a heads up. Here are the links for this Wednesday. Michael Hiestand of […]

A Few Saturday Links

Today with family and relatives in town for a wedding, time is very scarce for blogging, but I have a few minutes so I’ll do as many links as I can. The hockey world is still reeling from Derek Boogaard’s death last night. While he was an enforcer, reading stories and tweets shows you how […]

Chugging Along On A Thursday Linkage Edition

Time for the linkage here on this Thursday getting a late charge out of the gate as I’ve had to visit a jobsite and then had to run a couple of office errands, but we’re back inside ready to give you some linkage. Lots of stuff to get to now. We begin with some sad […]

Jay The Rat Arrested Again

Former writer for the Chicago Sun-Times and Fanhouse and panelist for ESPN’s Around the Horn, Jay Mariotti has been arrested in Los Angeles again. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mariotti was charged with stalking, domestic violence and assaulting his ex-girlfriend on two separate occasions. He could get as much as five years in prison, […]

Let’s Try To Do Some Friday Megalinkage

Ok, I have some time to do some blogging this evening and I figure I’ll do the Friday megalinks, something which has been sorely lacking here. Let’s get cracking on the links. As always, you can check the Weekend Viewing Picks for all of your weekend in sports and primetime TV. Now let’s do your […]

Some Mid-Week Linkage

Ok, time for some links on this Wednesday. Let’s provide some for you while I can. Michael Hiestand of USA Today notes that former CBS college basketball analyst Billy Packer is not enthused about the new TV arrangement for the NCAA Tournament. I’ve written a story for Dan Levy’s Press Coverage site on what the […]

Time For Some Friday Megalinks

I haven’t given you a full set of Friday megalinks since October 1, so it’s time to do some now. Let’s get to them. The Weekend Viewing Picks has your sports and primetime viewing. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand and Mike McCarthy debate what can be done to improve baseball’s ratings. Fanhouse says Jenn Sterger […]

The Rainy Wednesday Links

As it continues to rain in the Northeast, time to provide some linkage for you. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks with Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Brian Anderson who’s been doing yeoman’s work for TBS and will call the playoffs for the network again. Brian Lowry of Fox Sports looks at the monster TV ratings for the […]

BREAKING NEWS: Jay Mariotti Announces He’s Left Fanhouse For Good

This just breaking now and happening on Twitter, Jay Mariotti who pleaded no contest to a domestic violence charge last week in relation to beating up his girlfriend earlier this year has announced on Twitter that he’s leaving Fanhouse and getting out of sportswriting for “other media ventures.” Mariotti joined Twitter rather quietly on October […]