Videos of the Week: 1990's Dance Party, Part 4

Ok, unless something major happens, I plan for this segment to be the last 1990’s video dance party post for a few weeks. However, I do have a lot to cover. Next week, I move onto a new subject and it’s going to quite interesting, but that’s next week. First, we do our fourth installment […]

Videos of the Week: 1990's Dance Party, Part 3

Ok, this is the third installment of videos of my favorite groups from the 1990’s. You can check back here and here for my previous picks. This week, Henry Rollins, the Crystal Method and a bunch more from the 1990’s. First, Henry Rollins, formerly of the 1980’s Hardcore band Black Flag went solo in the […]

Videos of the Week: 1990's Dance Party, Part 2

Last week, I did a 1990’s Dance Party which included a lot of fun videos. Time for some more videos. I’ll start with the lovely Julianna Hatfield of Julianna Hatfield Three doing her big hit, “My Sister”. Interesting thing, Julianna doesn’t have a sister. I like the fact that this is the raw video. Here’s […]

Videos of the Week: 1990's Dance Party

By the time you read this on Sunday, I’ll already have gotten up way too early to bring someone to the airport and then go to work. Anyway, I told you last week that I was researching a new theme for the Videos of the Week and I do think you’ll like them. I was […]