Bringing Out Some Saturday Links

I started to do the Megalinks last night, but I fell asleep at my computer while doing them. I was out for most of the Friday so it prevented me from sitting down and pounding out the linkage yesterday. I’ll do it now to get you going for the 4th of July weekend. There’s a […]

Two Announcements From The NFL and ESPN

We have two announcements for you on this Monday. One involving the nation’s most popular sports league and the other from the nation’s largest sports network. Both announcements involve online content. The NFL says it will put exclusive content on which is co-owned by Fox and NBC. HULU TO OFFER NFL CONTENT Emmy Award […]

MLB Network to Join Simlucast of Hope for Haiti Now

Just received this press release from MLB Network that states the channel will be the only sports TV network that will simulcast the George Clooney-led fundraiser for Haitian Earthquake relief. Hope For Haiti will be aired across the nation and around the world on Friday starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the networks listed below. […]

Tuesday Afternoon Update

I have enough links to warrant an update today. Starting with two links from the Sports Business Daily and thanks to the fine people there for opening these pages to the public. Comcast-owned Golf Channel and Versus saw the biggest year-to-year viewership gains for a sports network as Austin Karp writes. Erik Swanson talks to […]

Saturday Links, Finally

It sucks when your day is planned for you and you find that you keep getting interrupted for silly little things. I’m at work again, stuck in the home office and trying to actually get work done and hoping to get a link or two in, but I’m finding it extremely difficult today. As I […]

A Sunday Link Thing

After a few glitches involving my computer, I think I’m ready to bring you some links this morning. Starting off with Neil Best of Newsday, he writes a column about father and son broadcasters, Joe Castiglione, voice of the Red Sox, and his son, Duke Castiglione who works for Fox 5 in New York. And […]

A Brief Tuesday Update

I’ll give you a quickie update here. David Barron of the Houston Chronicle suggests that you get your passes for March Madness on Demand at before time runs out. Heather Havenstein of Computerworld reports that is opening up the March Madness on Demand feature so it can be accessed from more than 200 […]

Monday Night Update

Let’s give you a few more links this evening. My real-time review of Real Sports will come tomorrow. I will say the Lenny Dykstra story is just amazing. I’ll have the review on Tuesday. My first link is from the former Executive Producer of the Score, WSKO-AM/FM in Providence, John Crowe. From his Crowe’s Nest […]

Our Friday Night Update

Time to give you an update. Newsday’s Neil Best has been busy at the Super Bowl. First, he recaps Giants coach Tom Coughlin’s press conference. Then Neil writes about the four men who have covered all 42 Super Bowls. Also from Newsday, Jim Baumbach writes about his experience riding on the Goodyear Blimp. Chris Pursell […]

Hill Street Blues Open

I signed up for the Private Beta launch of Hulu, the online service of Fox and NBC. You may remember that NBC and Fox pulled their programs from iTunes and YouTube. Now, this new online service is supposed to be a challenger to both services. Of course on YouTube, you could only watch clips. With […]

SNL Parody of the MLB/Dane Cook promos

Last Saturday, SNL did a bunch of sports promo parodies including two on the really stupid Dane Cook/MLB ads. Dane Cook is a hack and somehow managed to talk his way to getting this gig. NOTE – As of October 22, NBC has taken all of its videos off YouTube so the ALCS videos is […]