RIP, Earl Weaver

In the midst of all the silliness that’s going on in the world of sports (Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o), we learn of the passing of one of the greatest managers in the history of baseball, Earl Weaver. He died Friday at the age of 82. Throughout the 1970′s, Earl guided the Baltimore Orioles to four […]

Breaking Out Some Monday Linkage

The last few days, I’ve been sick which limited the number of posts between Friday and Saturday. I’m still not feeling well, but I’ll be providing linkage and posts as long I’m physically able. To the links. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch talks with NFL Network’s Melissa Stark about returning to sports television after leaving in […]

List of Monday Night Football Commentators

This was compiled by the fine people at ESPN. Here’s the list of Monday Night Football announcing teams dating back to when the series began on ABC in 1970. Since ESPN took over production in 1998, there has been a lot of upheaval in the announcing teams and you’ll notice this especially since the series […]

Ringing In Some Monday Linkage

Let’s do our Monday linkage today. Michael Hiestand from USA Today writes that CBS/Turner’s Clark Kellogg will have a big “get” during halftime of Tuesday’s NCAA Tournament First Four game. Mike Reynolds at Multichannel News says MSG Network has a new show dedicated to the best and worst baseball trades and deals. Mike says YES […]

It’s Time For Mid-Week Linkage

It’s Wednesday. It’s mid-week and it’s time for some sports media links. Let’s get to them without further delay. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks with NBC’s Bob Costas about the “get” of accused child molester Jerry Sandusky for “Rock Center with Brian Williams”. While NBC and Bob Costas are being praised for the Sandusky interview, […]

How Monday Night Football Broke John Lennon’s Death

Today is the 30th Anniversary of the shocking death of John Lennon. For those of us alive back then, it’s a moment we’ll never forget. I found out the following morning on the radio. But for millions of Americans watching the New England Patriots taking on the Miami Dolphins on ABC, it was Howard Cosell […]

Some Monday Links

I’ll do a few Monday links. Can’t believe how quickly this day is moving. I’ve already been to three places today. It’s been quite crazy. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand writes about this season’s BCS not being all that sexy. Rupal Parekh and Brian Steinberg from Advertising Age discuss the logjam of auto advertisers in Super […]

Videos of the Week – Howard Cosell

There’s no discounting the impact that Howard Cosell had on sports television in the 1970′s to the mid-1980′s. Whenever ABC had a big event, Cosell would be similar to what Bob Costas is today. He could give perspective and be called upon to interview the heavy hitters. Granted at the end of his career, Cosell […]