The Tim McCarver Broadcasting Timeline

No matter what you think of Tim McCarver and judging from the reaction on social media, a lot of people are happy he’s leaving the Fox broadcast booth after this season. I was not a fan and felt he was overrated by the New York media when he was with the Mets in the 1980′s […]

We'll Miss You, Ernie

Even though we knew that Ernie Harwell’s passing was coming, it doesn’t make the sadness go away any quicker. For a man to be so beloved not only in his adopted hometown of Detroit, but around the country shows how well he was liked. Ernie told MLB Network’s Bob Costas in his last interview that […]

Your Sunday Linkage

Let’s do some Sunday links. The big news today is that WABC-TV in New York has pulled its signal from Cablevision systems meaning 3.5 million people are without ABC programming including the Academy Awards tonight. It also means for as long as ABC is off Cablevision, viewers won’t be able to see various NBA games […]

Moving Through the Friday Megalinks

Around 3 p.m., I was ready to do the Friday megalinks so I could leave my evening free, but thanks to some unknown issue that prevented many bloggers who use Google’s Blogspot service from logging in, I could not do them. So I’m doing them at night. Again. Anyway, let’s get these done so I […]

A Thursday Linkfest

Time for some linkage today. Since we burned up our server with yesterday’s picture of ESPN’s Erin Andrews in a hot dress (thank you, Jimmy Traina of Sports Illustrated), we have an entire gallery of Erin in hot dresses as she was in Los Angeles yesterday (again thank you, Jimmy). If you scroll down today’s […]

Some Sunday Links

I’ll give you some Sunday links now that I’ve finished my work for the day. Tom Perrotta of the Wall Street Journal live blogged the French Open men’s final and also had some comments on NBC’s broadcast. Newsday’s Neil Best celebrates his 5,000th blog post. Neil has a bit more on yesterday’s big story that […]

A Megalink Friday

Time to give you your Friday megalinks. Again, we begin with the Weekend Viewing Picks. The Kentucky Derby is the prime event with tomorrow being the first Saturday in May. NBC has the actual race at 6:20 p.m. with coverage beginning at 4. ESPN has several races from the undercard starting at noon. If you […]