Doing Our Friday Megalinks

Haven’t been able to provide the Friday megalinks in a while. Let’s do an edition today. Normally I include a link to the Weekend Viewing Picks, but I’ll be doing that tonight so you can find it on my site when it’s posted. If you follow me on Twitter or have an RSS feed, you’ll […]

Checking Out Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s provide some mid-week linkage before I get too busy later on. Austin Karp of Sports Business Daily writes that NBC’s overnight rating for Tuesday’s Olympic primetime was up from the comparable night four years ago. Tripp Mickle of SBJ says NBC is about to set up a set of exhibition beach volleyball matches between […]

Bringing Out Some Tuesday Links

Let’s do some linkage for you on this Tuesday. Earlier today, actually very early today, I wrote Some Tuesday Olympic Sports Media Thoughts. I hope it makes sense. Austin Karp of the Sports Business Daily says NBC saw its second drop in the overnight ratings for the 2012 Olympics. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says […]

Cranking Out Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, linkage has been really scarce over the last month and a half and I apologize for that. My schedules have been quite busy and it’s been tough to sit down for the time it takes to gather the links. I hope that changes over the next month or so. I have some National links […]

Bringing Out The Thursday Linkage

Here to provide some links for you today. Looks like I’ll be out on Friday so posting may be scarce, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. In the meantime, I have some links for you now. This week, Deputy Managing Editor Craig Stanke passed away at the age of 56. […]

HBO & NFL Films Announce Hard Knocks with the Miami Dolphins

After getting rejected left and right by teams and after a season’s absence, HBO and NFL Films have found a willing partner in the Miami Dolphins for Hard Knocks. While you might think the Dolphins might be dull after the last edition of Hard Knocks with media darlings, the New York Jets in 2010, you […]

Finally Some Friday Megalinks

Let’s do some Friday megalinks. You’ve been owed some and I haven’t been able to do links for most of the week. Of course, you have the Weekend Viewing Picks which provide plenty of college sports, soccer, baseball and the NBA and NHL postseason action. Now let’s do your links. National Michael Hiestand of USA […]

Grinding Out The Monday Linkage

Let’s go for some linkage now. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says ESPN and NFL Network have agreed not to show prospects on the phone spoiling the suspense of the NFL Draft. Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated goes behind-the-scenes with ESPN and NFL Network as they prepare for their NFL Draft coverage later this week. […]

Back For Some Linkage

Yesterday, I focused on several press releases before heading out for errands. Today, it’s back to the links. Daniel Kaplan at Sports Business Journal writes that the NFL wants to set up local zones in Super Bowl host cities similar to what Indianapolis did with a village and zip line this year. Mike Ozanian of […]

Some Really Quick Wednesday Links

I’m going to try to do some Wednesday linkage here. Also have a lot of end of the month/beginning of the month crap to do at work some I’m balancing the two off. Here are the links that I have for now. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand looks at NBC’s plans to provide live online coverage […]

HBO Sports & NFL Films Celebrate A Decade of “Hard Knocks”

On Wednesday, HBO will air a retrospective looking back at 10 years of “Hard Knocks”, the reality show produced by NFL Films that looks inside various training camps. The show debuted in 2001 with NFL Films going into the Baltimore Ravens training camp with then-coach Brian Billick and linebacker Ray Lewis. The show has evolved […]

Trying To Do A Friday Megalink Session

I’m hoping to get this entire Megalink session finished in one sitting. It’s been a crazy day thus far. Of course, all of your weekend sport and entertainment programming are featured in the Weekend Viewing Picks. Let’s get to the linkage now. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today speaks with noted baseball announcing author Curt […]

Cranking Out The Sunday Links

Let’s give you some linkage on this Sunday morning. I’m at work again. No rest for the weary here. Cam Martin of SportsNewser writes that Sports Illustrated’s Peter King broke news this weekend about HBO’s Hard Knocks. David Whitley of the Sporting News says there’s some hypocrisy in the Big 12’s criticism of the Longhorn […]