Guest Column: NFL — Please Take My Money

This will conclude our series of guest columns over the last few days. I want to thank Paul Lebowitz, Ryan Scheb, Corneilus Green, Ed Hannan, Michael Schottey, Jason Chalifour, Andrew Nostvick, Greg Stanko, Matt Lichtenstadter and Jesse Karangu. I would not have been able to provide some fresh content on the site without them and […]

Guest Column: How To Improve NBC Sports Network

Our next-to-last day of guest columns concludes with this one from Jesse Karangu who has this thesis on how to improve NBC Sports Network. When NBC Sports Network came into the forefront of sports fans’ viewpoint, many were excited that there would finally be a serious alternative to the all-powerful ESPN. Fox had tried with […]

Guest Column: Al Jazeera: A Player in The US Sports Media? Believe It

As we continue with the guest columns this week, we have this one from reader Matt Lichtenstadter. In this post, Matt writes about the possibility of Al Jazeera’s new US soccer channel making in-roads through obtaining the rights to the English Premier League. It’s a fascinating scenario and one that could change the landscape of […]

Do You Really Need ESPN? Lessons from IndyCar

We continue with the guest columns today. I hope you’re enjoying them. This comes from Greg Stanko from the public relations firm, Oglivy Public Relations in Washington, DC. He writes about IndyCar’s TV contracts. A lot has been made here and in other forums about how ESPN covers the NHL (or perhaps more accurately doesn’t cover it) since the […]

Guest Column: A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Earlier this week, Deadspin reported that CNBC’s Darren Rovell was duped by an average Joe posing as an Escort Service owner. While Darren’s story from last year on the NBA lockout was mostly forgotten, the Deadspin exposé brought it back to the forefront. Iowa sportswriter Andrew Nostvick gives us this guest column looking at how […]

Guest Column: Why ESPN’s NBA Coverage is Second-Best…and How To Fix It

This is the second of three guest columns on this Thursday. This is quite timely. Reader Ed Hannan has been watching ESPN’s coverage of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals (or ECF as ESPN likes to abbreviate). He hasn’t been thrilled over the Alleged Worldwide Leader’s coverage. He provides some ways to improve its presentation to […]

Guest Column: Announcer Moves and League-owned College Networks

We continue with the guest columns. This one comes from reader Corneilus Green. Three columns in one for you. Sports Broadcasting Talent Moves The summer is definitely heating up with the speculation of who is staying or who is going to new networks. Michelle Beadle is the most high profile talent to leave ESPN (which […]