Reporter's Notebook

Friday’s Sports Media Notebook — 01/16/2015

Back with another edition of the notebook. Let’s get cracking, shall we? NEWS CBS Sports Network has announced the renewal of its contract with Army to air all of its home football games and neutral-field games where Army is the home team for five years beginning with the 2015 season and lasting until through 2019. […]

The Nominees for the 35th Annual Sports Emmy Awards

The nominees are out. A few interesting developments for this year’s Emmys. In the play-by-play category, Al Michaels is noticeably absent. Marv Albert, Mike Breen, Joe Buck, Bob Costas (?) and Mike Emrick are nominees. I guess the Academy decided to put Bob in this category in addition to his customary Studio Host nomination. For […]

ESPN to Put ESPN Films, FiveThirtyEight and Grantland Under One Creative Umbrella

This coming from ESPN which has forged two very nice units for storytelling over the years. ESPN Films and Grantland, created in 2008 and 2011 respectively, have created award-winning original content that have attracted loyal audiences. You know about the 30 for 30 documentary series from ESPN Films and despite being led by Captain Blowhard, […]

Fang’s Bites Podcast No. 4 — James Andrew Miller, ESPN Book

Just one guest today on the Fang’s Bites podcast and it’s James Andrew Miller, the co-author of Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN. The subjects discussed: Brent Musburger being replaced as Voice of College Football Management Changes at ESPN The Grantland story on Dr. V, the transgender woman who committed […]

A Few Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

Time to do some thoughts before the NFL Conference Championship Games. Once they start, I won’t be able to get this done. As usual, they come in bullet form. Last week, Grantland put forth a story by Caleb Hannan on the science behind a golf putter and the person who invented it. And while it’s […]

Latest 30 for 30 Short on 1972 US Olympics Men’s Basketball Team Debuts

It’s only 12 minutes, but the subject really requires two hours at minimum. A very good 30 for 30 short on the 1972 US Olympic basketball team’s refusal to accept the silver medal has debuted today at Grantland. Director Rory Karpf got all of the members from that team for a meeting to look at […]

ESPN, Inc. Pounds Its Chest Over 43 Sports Emmy Nominations

The ESPN Family of Networks received 43 Sports Emmy nominations. Some of the major nods include Mike Breen for Play-by-Play, Jon Gruden for Event Sports Analyst, College GameDay for Weekly Studio Show, Pardon the Interruption in Daily Studio Show, the Indy 500 for Live Sports Special, Monday Night Football in Live Sports Series, 30 for […]

Some Wednesday Evening Linkage

I’ll provide a few links on this Wednesday afternoon. Michael Hiestand of USA Today looks at CBS pushing its Sunday primetime lineup to 7:30 p.m. ET to accommodate the NFL. Michael Kruse of Grantland has a very good story catching up with former ESPN Radio host Nanci Donnellan aka “The Fabulous Sports Babe”. Ed Sherman […]

Grinding Out Some Tuesday Links For You

Let’s do some links. Couldn’t get to them yesterday. Time to grind some out today. Michael Hiestand of USA Today says ESPN won’t be an oasis away from political advertising this fall. Michael also has the ratings on Wimbledon and NASCAR. Bill King of Sports Business Journal looks at NBC bringing back boxing to network […]

Some Saturday Linkage

Wasn’t able to post as much as I wanted to yesterday and this weekend has been planned for me once again so I won’t be on too much here today and tomorrow. But if something breaks, I’ll do my best to post it here. Let’s do some quick links today. First, Phil Mushnick of the […]

Dropping A Few Tuesday Links

Let’s provide a few links here. Don’t think I can do a full set, but I’ll try. In Sports Business Journal, John Ourand says MLB and Sirius XM have come to terms on streaming audio of live baseball games and will eventually be able to provide both home and away feeds starting next month. Brian […]

Some Rare Saturday Links

It’s been a long time since I was able to provide Saturday linkage. Many times, it’s due to the fact I try to sleep in or my weekend was planned for me behind my back and I have to play chauffeur. Anyway, I’m able to provide some links and since I did not do the […]

Let's Do The Friday Megalinks

Lots of things to get to today. Couldn’t do the links yesterday. Going to do a big megalink edition for you. Let’s get cracking, but first, there’s the Weekend Viewing Picks complete with a link to the busy College Basketball Viewing Picks which will be updated throughout the weekend. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand talks […]

Churning Out The Tuesday Links

Early evening again. Let’s do some linkage here. The Poynter Institute’s Jason Fry writes an article as the ESPN Ombudsman on how whiskey maker Jameson’s got stuck sponsoring the ESPN Films “Unguarded” documentary on addict Chris Herren. Michael Bradley writing for the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center looks at a new e-book from Dallas […]

Let’s Do Some Monday Links

Time for some links. I expect press releases galore today announcing NFL ratings news so before they come fast and furious, I’ll do some linkage. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says the NFL and its TV partners handled their 9/11 tributes yesterday as best as they could. Scott Woolley at writes that cable operators are […]