College Basketball Viewing Picks For 12/15 & 12/16/2012, All Times Eastern

Men’s Schedule Courtesy of Matt’s College Sports Saturday, December 15 Brooklyn Hoops Winter Festival, Brooklyn, NY Fordham vs. Princeton — YES, 2:30 p.m. St. John’s vs. St. Francis — YES, 5 p.m. Michigan vs. West Virginia — ESPN, 8 p.m. Crossroads Classic, Indianapolis, IN Butler vs. Indiana — CBS, 2 p.m. Notre Dame vs. Purdue […]

ESPN360 Becomes on Sunday

It was announced back in February. This weekend, it becomes reality. whose name really didn’t make any sense becomes the more sensible on Sunday. The mission statement will remain the same, plenty of live streaming events and archived material on the site, but it also becomes more interactive with integration with Twitter and […]

ESPN's Networks Cover the NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament

ESPNU and ESPN360 will have coverage of the NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament starting on Friday. Plenty of games for college hockey fans and it will lead to the Frozen Four in April. It all begins with the regional semifinals and we check out the schedule for this weekend. Date Time (ET) Event Network Fri, Mar […]

Two Announcements From The NFL and ESPN

We have two announcements for you on this Monday. One involving the nation’s most popular sports league and the other from the nation’s largest sports network. Both announcements involve online content. The NFL says it will put exclusive content on which is co-owned by Fox and NBC. HULU TO OFFER NFL CONTENT Emmy Award […]

Saturday's Linkage

Well, I purposely didn’t do links on Thursday and on Friday, an unexpected joy fell into my lap as my Twitter Trophy Wife, Amanda Rykoff, a.k.a The OCD Chick, came up from New York for a conference, so we hung out Friday night. And while there, I caught up with baseball superwriter, Jonah Kieri and […]

Snowy Wednesday Linkage

On this really snowy day in Southern Rhode Island, I’m at home, warm, toasty, trying to find a DirecTV channel that isn’t blocked by the snow. While parts up north hardly received any snow, we’re getting walloped here in southern Rhode Island. No fun. I’ll do links while I can. Eric Fisher of the Sports […] To Become Is The Ocho Far Behind?

Yes, we all laughed when the movie “Dodgeball” had an “ESPN: The Ocho”. Well, maybe the movie wasn’t that far off. Today, we received this announcement that ESPN will rebrand its broadband service from to And with the already existing ESPN and ESPN2 channels, we are just five channels away from seeing The […]

A Saturday Link Thing

Let’s give you links on this very cold morning on the East Coast. I’m cold as the boiler in my house is malfunctioning again, but hopefully, it’ll get warm later. Brad Adgate of Advertising Age says the ratings for the NFL defy the problems currently surrounding network TV. Also from Ad Age, Brian Steinberg writes […]

Doing the Monday Linkage

Let’s give you some links right now. Starting with the Sports Business Journal, we have a few links today. John Ourand writes that sports TV industry insiders wonder if there will ever be a challenger to sports behemoth ESPN. Jon Show reports that in 2010, the U.S. Open will return to a primetime finish as […]

Time for Monday Linkage

It feels like last week since I last did linkage. And well, it’s true. The last time I did links for you was on Thursday. My apologies. Time to do some now. From the Nation’s Newspaper, Michael Hiestand of USA Today says Michael Vick’s return to the football field hardly generated controversy. In Sports Business […]

The 2009 College Football Season Kicks Off Thursday

Thursday is a big day for college football fans. It’s the official start of the season with plenty of games and you know ESPN will be all over it. I have a bunch of college football press releases so let’s bunch them together in this post. Check out ESPN is saying about Thursday’s start of […]

An Actual Post with Links!

After spending most of yesterday and this morning at the home office, I’m now at my regular place of work and can give you some links. It always throws me off when I’m at the home office and have to behave. A couple to tell you in the interim. I almost was a guest on […]

Some General Sports Press Releases

Ok, after our two themed press release posts, let’s move on and finish what we started tonight. This is the last press release post for Monday and next, I’ll do some links before going to bed. First, Comcast announces that ESPN360 becomes part of its system today. COMCAST INCREASES MULTIPLATFORM SPORTS LINEUP TO 5,000+ LIVE […]

Just A Few More Releases

The TV networks public relations departments want to get out early so they keep churning out the releases just before they close for the 4th of July weekend. So I’ll give you these and I think they should close out the releases for the week. You won’t see any tomorrow unless something major happens. Starting […]

Thursday's Link Stuff

Now that I’ve finished my work for the day and walked five laps around my office building, I’ll do the links. I’ve found that I’m more productive in my new office than the last building. Perhaps it’s the setting, perhaps it’s the honeymoon I have with the new landlord, perhaps I just have found this […]