A Monday Sports Media Notebook

Let’s get cracking on some fresh content on this Monday afternoon. Plenty of stuff to go over. Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch’s Monday column discusses Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed reporting on the Red Carpet at The Oscars and reviews Fox’s Daytona 500 coverage.  The man who started SportsGrid, ABC News legal analyst Dan Abrams, the […]

ESPN Gets Out of the UK, Sells Its TV Channels to BT Group

After losing the UK rights to the English Premier League last year to BT Group, observers had thought ESPN’s days across the pond were numbered. Despite trying to remain afloat with rights to the FA Cup, Scottish Premier League, the UEFA Europa League and the German Bundesliga, ESPN felt without the EPL, it could not […]

ESPN3 To Stream KHL Games

After an announcement was prematurely made earlier this week on the Kontinental Hockey League’s website, ESPN has officially stated that it will pick up 6 games this month, most to stream on ESPN3. ESPN2 will carry the first game on Tuesday with Steve Levy and Barry Melrose calling the game off a monitor in Bristol, […]

BREAKING: ESPN UK Shut Out of the English Premier League

Just announced in the last half hour, the English Premier League has awarded Sky Sports and BT rights to a total of 154 matches a season starting in 2013. ESPN UK which was thought to be a favorite and Al Jazeera which was hoping to get a foothold into the EPL were effectively shut out. […]

Some Saturday Linkage

Wasn’t able to post as much as I wanted to yesterday and this weekend has been planned for me once again so I won’t be on too much here today and tomorrow. But if something breaks, I’ll do my best to post it here. Let’s do some quick links today. First, Phil Mushnick of the […]

Bringing Out The Sunday Links

Let’s provide the links on this Sunday. Tim Goodman in the Hollywood Reporter writes about how the MLB Postseason remains compelling even without big market teams. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News notes that Game 4 of the National League Championship Series became the third most watched NLCS game on cable. John Eggerton of Multichannel says […]

Meet Rebecca Lowe, Co-Host of ESPN’s Women’s World Cup Coverage

When the Women’s World Cup kicks off on the networks of ESPN on Sunday, June 26, you will see some familiar faces and hear familiar voices like Bob Ley, Ian Darke, Julie Foudy and Brandi Chastain. One person whom you may not have seen is Rebecca Lowe who works for ESPN UK on its English […]

Going For Some Monday Linkage

Ok, let’s do some linkage while I can squeeze some in. I had to meet a deadline earlier. I think I’m safe for now. Starting with Michael Hiestand of USA Today, he wonders if the PGA Tour can generate ratings if Tiger Woods isn’t winning tournaments. Michael also has some of the upcoming sports viewing […]

Some Snowy Wednesday Links

On this day of massive snow here in the Northeast, I’ll provide you with some linkage. Crazy day as local meteorologists first predicted 4-8 inches, then as the storm organized, the totals were revised upward and upward. Now, it appears we have more on the ground here. Not quite the perfect storm, but damn close. […]

The Mid-Week Links

Let’s do your mid-week linkage. I’m stuck at the home office in Rhode Island so while I’m waiting on a few things, I’ll give you links. Looks like Jay the Rat might have escaped charges as the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office is declining to press charges against Jay Mariotti. The Big Lead links […]

Your Back To Work Tuesday Links

It was a three day weekend for most of you. It wasn’t for me as I worked all three days, but you don’t want to hear my complaints, you want to see the linkage so I’ll do that. Plenty of stuff to get to. Sean Leahy of USA Today surveys all 32 NFL teams and […]

ESPN UK To Air Monday Night Football

Thanks to its modified agreement with the NFL that gives it streaming rights in the US, ESPN can now air Monday Night Football in the UK on its owned and operated channel, appropriately named, ESPN UK. Actually it’s named ESPN in the UK, but for our purposes, it’ll be ESPN UK. It’ll air live in […]