Going For Some Tuesday Links

Let’s bring you some linkage. Two days in a row! This is something! Shameless plug department: I wrote Some Long Overdue Tuesday Sports Media Thoughts earlier this morning and make sure you give it a gander. Many thanks. Sam Gustin of Time writes that News Corp.’s purchase of a minority stake in YES could help […]

Doing Some Tuesday Linkage

I was expecting to be out of the office today, but with the temperatures over 90 in Southern New England, being inside with air conditioning is probably the way to go today. I hope wherever you are, you’re staying cool and away from the sun. I have some links. Georg Szalai of the Hollywood Reporter […]

Providing Your Thursday Linkage

Looks like I’m going to be busy today so I’m going to do the linkage a bit early for me at least. David Bauder of the Associated Press writes that even though he’s no longer NBC Sports Emperor, Dick Ebersol’s presence will still be felt at the London Olympics. Michael Hiestand at USA Today says […]

ESPN To Mark The 40th Anniversary of Title IX with "The Power of IX"

Starting this month and running through June, ESPN will mark the 40th anniversary of the landmark Title IX law that gave women equal opportunity in college sports. When the legislation was introduced in Congress, sports was hardly mentioned, but when the bill became law in 1972, colleges applied it to athletic programs and 40 years […]

It’s a Mid-Week Link Thing!

It’s Wednesday already? Goodness. Seemed like I was at the Rhode Island Convention Center just this week for an all-day seminar. Oh wait! I was. Anyway, let’s get to your linkage. Michael Hiestand of USA Today feels that ESPN should pull Hank Williams, Jr. from Monday Night Football pronto. Eric Deggans of the St. Petersburg […]

A Pre-Hurricane Friday Megalinks Edition

As the Northeast battens down the hatches for the impending hit of Hurricane Irene this weekend and it’s not a matter of if it’s coming, but when, I’ll probably won’t be blogging much over the next few days. I’ll do my best as long as I have power, but disaster preparation will be high on […]

A Wednesday Link Thing

Let’s do some linkage on this Wednesday. Trying to do this early instead of late. Starting with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who tells us what ESPN has promoted Trent Dilfer among its NFL analysts and dropped Matt Millen although he remains on its college football coverage. Cam Martin of SportsNewser is as confused as […]

Fresh Tuesday Linkage

Been working on a specification that’s taking way to long to finish, so I’m doing linkage while I can. We’ll begin with the ESPN Poynter Institute Review blog which takes to task for not vetting a post that was done on Alabama football player Aaron Douglas just a couple of hours after his death. […]

To The Wednesday Links!

Doing the linkage now after being all over the place this morning and tomorrow will be much worse as I’ll be out of the office for most of the day so don’t expect too many posts on Thursday. But before that, I can provide the linkage for today. We’ll begin with Sports Business Journal’s John […]

ESPN The Magazine Announces Transition To Bristol Headquarters

After being based in New York since its inception, ESPN The Magazine is moving to the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, CT and is also bringing in a new Editor-in-Chief. Replacing Gary Belsky who has been in charge for the last four years will be Chad Millman, currently a senior deputy editor. And the move from […]