Getting To The Monday Linkage

It’s the early evening on the East Coast, but I do have time to bring you some linkage. Lots of stuff to get to. We’ll begin with John Ourand of Sports Business Journal who reviews ESPN’s new NFL studio shows which came as a result of its new Monday Night Football $2 billion rights fee. […]

Let’s Do Some Monday Links

Time for some links. I expect press releases galore today announcing NFL ratings news so before they come fast and furious, I’ll do some linkage. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand says the NFL and its TV partners handled their 9/11 tributes yesterday as best as they could. Scott Woolley at writes that cable operators are […]

A Special Monday Night Linkfest

I’ll provide some linkage this evening. Some stuff has surfaced this evening since I did my original links today. The Hollywood Reporter recaps the first excerpt from the ESPN book “Those Guys Have All The Fun” that was released by GQ today. Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter says now that the NHL’s US TV […]

Patriots Day Monday Linkage

With this being Patriots Day in Massachusetts and Maine, it’s time to give some links. It’s a day off for some in Massachusetts and Boston has the Marathon plus the 11 a.m. Red Sox game. Both of which are traditions I have come to enjoy. Some interesting links today. We start with John Ourand and […]

Some Additional Wednesday Links

Let’s provide you with some more links. Stephen Wilson of the Associated Press says the International Olympic Committee hopes to have the US TV rights for the 2014/16 Olympics and possibly the 2018/20 Games awarded by mid-June. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand notes that without UConn in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship Game, ESPN did not […]

Bringing Out the Wednesday Links

Ok, let’s do the Wednesday linkage. Quite a few things to get to. We begin with Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal who when we last saw him during the World Series last October, was wearing a bowtie despite his protests to management. Well, we find that Ken will continue wearing a bowtie this season, but rather […]

Finally, Our Tuesday Links

Thanks to the server host getting a Denial of Service attack last night, Fang’s Bites has been down for most of the day. Not happy for not being able to blog for most of the day, although I’m back up for now. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll give you linkage now and hope you’ll […]

ESPN To Offer New Corporate Blog To Be Run By Its PR Department

From ESPN, we have this news that a new corporate blog called, “ESPN Front Row” will debut this week. It will come from inside ESPN and be about ESPN. A former writer with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and San Jose Mercury News will lead the blog. We have the details below. ESPN to Launch New Corporate […]