ESPN’s Plans for Super Bowl XLVIII

Using New York City’s Herald Square and Times Square as backdrops, ESPN will provide some 115 hours of TV and radio programming involving Super Bowl XLVIII next week. ESPN’s main set will be at Herald Square in front of the famous Macy’s department store. Another set will be at ABC’s Times Square Studios were ESPN’s […]

Breaking Out Some Sunday Linkage

I haven’t done Sunday links in a very long while. It seems as if part of my weekends have been planned for me behind my back for almost three years straight. Finally glad to be able to do links on a weekend. Charlie White at Mashable talks about NASCAR taking down fan videos of the horrific […]

Going For Some Tuesday Links

Let’s bring you some linkage. Two days in a row! This is something! Shameless plug department: I wrote Some Long Overdue Tuesday Sports Media Thoughts earlier this morning and make sure you give it a gander. Many thanks. Sam Gustin of Time writes that News Corp.’s purchase of a minority stake in YES could help […]

Bringing Back The Friday Megalinks

It’s been too long since I’ve done a links post and why not do this with a Friday megalink post. Your Weekend Viewing Picks have all of my sports and entertainment suggestions. Now to your linkage. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today talks with Fox’s Erin Andrews about her being put under a bigger microscope […]

A Busy Week in Motorsports on ESPN/ABC

The Indianapolis 500 and the NASCAR Nationwide Race in Charlotte, NC headline ESPN/ABC’s motorsports coverage this week. Motorsports This Week on ESPN and ABC Indianapolis 500 Airing for 48th Year on ABC ABC will air the 96th running of the Indianapolis 500 from Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 27, continuing one of the longest-running […]

Let's Get Some Linkage Out

I’ve accumulated a lot of links. They’re slowing down my browser so let’s clear them so I can let my computer get back some memory. Lots of stuff going on. Let’s start with ESPN stuff as it dominated the news today with its network upfront presentation to advertisers and also confirmed personnel moves. First, Sports […]

Making Time For The Wednesday Linkage

I haven’t been able to links for a couple of days. I have a few leftover stuff since Monday, but nothing totally clogging up my browser, but I do want to give you a full set of stories today. I’ve done my best to summarize the whole bizarre Sarah Phillips/ people story and that’s over […]

Some Tuesday Links

Been crazy with the schedules again, but I’m giving you some linkage today because you’re owed some. Let’s get busy. Sports Business Daily notes the dueling NFL regular season schedule release shows on ESPN and NFL Network today. Terry Lefton of Sports Business Journal says Comcast wants to replicate the success of its “Xfinity Live!” […]

Attempting A Friday Megalink Post

This week has been hellish for me and I apologize for not being able to post as much as I would like. I’ve been away from my computer for most of the day and by the time I get home, I’m tired and don’t want to update the blog. Well, with me already done my […]

ESPN Family of Network Takes 52 Sports Emmy Nominations

I had to step out earlier and from the time I posted the Sports Emmy Award nominations until now, a few networks have been sending press releases touting the number of nods they have received. We begin with ESPN’s Family of Networks which received a total of 52 Sports Emmy Awards noms, the most of […]

33rd Annual Sports Emmy Nominations Announced

We have the nominations, all 170 in 33 different categories, for the 33rd Annual Sports Emmy Awards. They just came out today. There are some surprises like massive hockey charlatan Pierre McGuire nominated in the Sports Reporter category and for some really strange reason, Skippy Bayless of ESPN2′s First Take was nominated for Best Studio […]

Saturday Linkage

The last thing I wanted to wake up to this morning was reaction to racist headlines regarding Jeremy Lin, but that’s what we have on this Saturday. I’ve already written a post about it and I’ve given my opinion about the incident already. I’ll give ESPN the benefit of the doubt feeling the headline was […]

The Mid-Week Linkage

I haven’t provided links on schedule so let me try to do it now. We begin with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who talks about NBCUniversal’s big plans to blanket Super Bowl XLVI next week. Wow. The secret organization Anonymous plans to attack over its support of SOPA and PIPA. In case anyone from […]

Unleashing Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, let’s get this done. Lots of linkage from yesterday and today. I need to catch up. Let’s go. Check out your Weekend Viewing Picks for the sports and entertainment programming for Saturday and Sunday. National Mike McCarthy of USA Today wonders if there’s a glass ceiling for women in sports television. Former Comcast SportsNet […]

Doing The Wednesday Links

Let’s provide some mid-week linkage for you. Sports Business Daily recaps how ESPN’s SportsCenter handled NBA highlights on what should have been the Opening Night of the regular season. SBD also looks at Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt’s agreement to sell the team at auction. Paul Thomasch with Reuters says MLB is looking to […]