Fox Is Alone With New Mexico

Although not unexpected, New Mexico has been put into the Obama column by Fox News. No other network has made this call.

NBC Says Obama Leads in Colorado

NBC says Colorado where the polls have now closed is too close to call, but Obama leads right now. We’ll see if that Red state flips sometime tonight.


CNN projects Obama takes RI (4), Michigan (17), Wisconsin (10), Minnesota (10) and New York (31). McCain takes Wyoming (3), North Dakota (3). According to its map, CNN says Obama is ahead in the Electoral Vote count of 174-49. ABC adds Kansas to McCain and says Obama is ahead, 174-61. I throw up my hands […]

CNN is Dragging

Thanks to, you can put your mouse over any state on its Election 2008 and check to see which network has made a projection. CNN is noticeably late on each state including Pennsylvania, Alabama, Arkansas and West Virginia. It has been the last network to make a projection, although as I write this, it […]

Fox Says It's Close to Projecting Virginia

McCain is leading the popular vote in Virginia. McCain has campaigned there heavily saying he wants to keep Virginia Red. Fox is showing Shepard Smith while Fox News Channel has Brit Hume. Just simulcast. And make sure Megyn Kelly is on both, ok?

Chuck Todd Is Right

Over to MSNBC, Chuck Todd checking his map calls it the Big Five: Florida, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri and Virginia. Right now, the map is falling right into the 2004 results. However, Todd is correct in saying until one of the Big Five flips, we won’t know how this election is going. It looks good for […]

Alabama Is Crimson, Not Quite Red

ABC News is projecting John McCain will win Alabama based on its exit polls. No other network has made that projection, but so far, the states that were Blue in 2004 are staying Blue. The states that were Red in 2004 are remaining in the GOP column. What Obama needs to do is to turn […]

Maps! More Maps! I Can't Follow Each Map!

Over to and its map puts Virginia and Georgia solidly into McCain’s camp. South Carolina and Texas are not solid Red, but are leaning towards McCain. However, it also projects Ohio and Florida into Obama’s column. According to the website, the Electoral Vote tally is McCain 100, Obama 73. What info does this site […]

More Possible Trends which has a nice running blog tonight, has two more states possibly going into the Obama column. Two battleground states that were both Red in 2000 and 2004. They’re called Missouri and Florida. If that is true, then it would be very difficult for McCain to win. He would have to sweep the Western […]

Why Are The Tallies Different On Each Network?

ABC News has also put Pennsylvania into Obama’s camp and they have a 102-34 Electoral Vote margin for the Democrat. CNN says Obama’s ahead, 77-34. MSNBC says it’s 103-34, Obama. CBS says 81-39. Fox has Obama ahead, 77-39. What is going on here?

More Projections

At 8 p.m. ET, CNN projects eight states to Barack Obama: Massachusetts (12), Illinois (21), Connecticut (7), New Jersey (15), Maine (4, 3 to Obama), Delaware (3), Maryland (10) and District of Columbia (3). CNN says John McCain will win Oklahoma (7) and Tennessee (11). The updated map according to CNN, Obama has 77 Electoral […]