Quickie Tuesday Night Update

Here we go. Let’s do some links tonight. The Sports Media Watch has your TV ratings from the weekend. And we have some idle notes for you from Paulsen. Laura Nachman reports that Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia will have live coverage of the Congressional Steroids Hearings. Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News writes in […]

Late Tuesday Night Update

A few things for you tonight. Sad news to report. Legendary Canadian announcer Don Chevrier who did work on ABC’s and NBC’s Olympics coverage as well as being the first Toronto Blue Jays TV announcer has passed away at the age of 69. William Houston of the Toronto Globe and Mail remembers his work. Peter […]

Late Wednesday Night Links

I’ll give you a few links here. Just finished watching the latest edition of Ninja Warrior on G4 in which two Americans who qualified for the Sasuke tournament this past summer got to compete. Unfortunately, they could not advance past the first stage, falling into the muddy water at the Jumping Spider. They tried hard […]

Friday Night Update

I’ve been having too much fun with Hulu. I’ve been watching Arrested Development, Season 1 all over again. That’s another candidate for Videos of the Week. Anyway, let me give you some links tonight before I decide to watch some late night TV. The Los Angeles Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth reports in his Farther Off […]

Your Thursday Linkage

I’ve been away from the office for most of the day and then I had to get some stuff done. Now that I’m done with what I’ve had to do, I can give you some links. Bill Doyle of the Worcester Telegram & Gazette profiles Boston Herald Red Sox beat reporter Rob Bradford who has […]

Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller

The show is barebones. No real opening. Versus just threw it to Dennis standing on a stage. He did a 10 minute monologue. In my opinion, most of it bombed. There were the usual obscure references like one to the Grand Wizard mentioned in a story about the Fabulous Moolah’s death. But as weak as […]

Some Tuesday Evening Links

I’ll give you some links tonight. First, I’ll send you to Awful Announcing which has a clip of ESPN’s Mike Tirico ragging on NBC’s “Universal is Green” campaign that started on Football Night in America. Yes, the gimmick was silly. Yes, the Ravens-Steelers game was a blowout, but there’s no need to rag on another […]

Some Tuesday PM Links

Let’s give you an afternoon update. First, let me thank Neil Best of Newsday for putting Fang’s Bites on his Blogroll. It’s much appreciated. Neil has been prolific since starting his Watchdog blog back in May which is about when I re-launched this site after being dormant for two years. Since then, this blog has […]

If It's Tuesday, It Must Be Linkage

I’m trying to do some links, but you know when you have an employee who talks to you and won’t shut up? That’s what I have in my office. He comes over to me and I can never get any work done, but he’s a good worker. But he won’t shut up. No matter how […]

Tuesday Night Update

As the Red Sox are in danger of falling behind in the ALCS, 3 games to 1, I’ll do an update now. Neil Best of Newsday blogs that WFAN’s Mike Francesca has made the claim that he was a potential candidate to be on Monday Night Football during the time Dennis Miller was selected to […]

Wednesday Afternoon Update or the ESPN Ombudsman is in a Bad Mood

Let’s start this update with ESPN Ombudsman Le Anne Schreiber’s latest piece which has come out today. Already the blogosphere is busy dissecting it. Schreiber goes after Page 2 columnist Gregg Easterbrook for what she feels is slanted reporting of rumor as fact in the Bill Belichick Cameragate scandal. In addition, she says viewers […]

A Massive Friday Update

Here’s an update for you. Don’t forget I’ll have College Football Viewing Picks, NFL Viewing Picks, NFL Picks for Week 5, Primetime Viewing Picks and Weekend Viewing Picks coming up throughout the day so keep refreshing the site or subscribe through RSS. David Scott of Boston Sports Media Watch breaks news that the very solid […]