Some Wednesday Linkage

Let’s do some linkage while I have some time. USA Today’s Michael Hiestand notes NBC’s hiring of Tiger Woods pal Notah Begay to its golf team. He replaces Dottie Pepper who went to the PGA of America. Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand profiles ESPN PR pioneer Rosa Gatti who is retiring from the network after […]

Wringing Out Some Thursday Linkage

This has been a rather bizarre 24 hour period trying to follow this Manti Te’o story. I’m going to provide some linkage for you. Timothy Burke and Jack Dickey at Deadspin provide some information on what the media missed on the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend story. Ty Duffy at The Big Lead says it’s time […]

Various Wednesday Links

I’ll do a few links for you this evening. I’ll start with a strange story that surfaced today from a University of Maryland journalism class during which ESPN Vice President and Executive Editor John Walsh made some rather strange statements about Deadspin’s John Koblin over the Lynn Hoppes plagiarism situation. Deadspin has raised issues of […]

It's A Thursday Link Thing

Let’s do some linkage now. Fifth straight day! This is a record! Michael Florek at USA Today’s Game On blog notes that Time Magazine will have six separate covers in four regions for its Olympic preview issue. For the U.S., guys will have Lolo Jones to gawk at, women get Ryan Lochte. Gymnast Gabby Douglas […]

Cranking Out Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, linkage has been really scarce over the last month and a half and I apologize for that. My schedules have been quite busy and it’s been tough to sit down for the time it takes to gather the links. I hope that changes over the next month or so. I have some National links […]

Guest Column: A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

Earlier this week, Deadspin reported that CNBC’s Darren Rovell was duped by an average Joe posing as an Escort Service owner. While Darren’s story from last year on the NBA lockout was mostly forgotten, the Deadspin exposé brought it back to the forefront. Iowa sportswriter Andrew Nostvick gives us this guest column looking at how […]

Let’s Do Some Monday Linkage

Ok, I won’t be in all day on Tuesday, although I will have my iPad and I’ll try to post any breaking news from a conference in Taunton, MA tomorrow. But while I’m in the office now, it’s time for some linkage. Starting with Sports Business Daily, we learn that Game 4 of the World […]

Doing Some Thursday Linkage

Let’s provide links while I can. Trying not to make this a week where links are scarce. Let’s get this done. First, Jessica E. Vascellaro and Darren Everson of the Wall Street Journal look at how infusions of TV rights money has changed college sports not necessarily for the better. John Ourand at Sports Business […]

A Monday Link Thing

Let’s do the Monday linkage. Some interesting stories out there already. I’ll start with some housekeeping from the weekend in regards to Saturday’s passing of Nick Charles. Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski who wrote a wonderful and poignant article in March on Nick’s coming to peace with his cancer and how he attempted to make every […]

Back to the Linkage Grind Edition

Ok, now that the Olympics bidding is over until the next round sometime later this decade, I can focus on other sports media stories and there are quite a few of them now. The Hollywood Reporter notes that embattled cyclist Lance Armstrong has taken down his anti-60 Minutes website stating its report on his alleged […]

Up For Thursday Links

Time for some linkage on this very warm Thursday. I hope you all take a moment and say a prayer for the people of Western Massachusetts who head to deal with tornadoes yesterday. Four people are confirmed dead. It was quite devastating to see last night. Let’s hope the area can recover quickly. To your […]

Late Night Thursday Links

I wasn’t able to provide links during the day and I keep accumulating sports media stories and I don’t want to get into this pattern where I can provide links Monday through Wednesday, but not from Thursday through Sunday. That’s not good especially since you have come to expect linkage just about every day. So […]

Video Previews of Tonight’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel

Over the weekend, I gave you a press release previewing what you’ll see on tonight’s Real Sports. Now, I have some clips from the three new segments on the show. Last night, we received a partial transcript of Jon Frankel’s profile of a reflective Mike Tyson. Let’s take a look at a brief clip of […]

Fang’s Bites’ Big Dozen Sports Media Stories of 2010

Another year is over and another year is just beginning. It’s time to review the 12 biggest stories in sports media in the year of 2010 A.D. We had plenty of stories to choose from. Not every one made the cut. Some will receive honorable mentions. Others will be listed here. Sports media never sleeps […]

Your Thursday Linkage

Ok, let’s do some links on this rainy Thursday in the Northeast. Time to look at what’s going on today. First from the Indiana University National Sports Journalism Center, Brian Hendrickson recaps a symposium in which Deadspin editor A.J. Daulerio was frank in a panel discussion on the whole Brett Favre/Jenn Sterger story. Philiana Ng […]