Preview of Tonight's Damages

This is Ellen meeting with two FBI agents telling them she wants to take Patty Hewes down. Looking forward to tonight’s premiere. It’s on FX at 10.

The Fang's Bites Mid-Season TV Preview

With this being January, we’re seeing the return of several shows plus the premiere of some new ones. I’m going to give you the shows I’m looking forward to seeing return, plus the new series I’m looking forward to. I’ll do the returning shows first, then the new shows last and I’ll do them in […]

Quick Thoughts on the Summer TV Season

In fear of sounding like a Larry King column or *gulp* Jay Mohr, I don’t give you links but a few thoughts on this summer’s TV. First, too much reality TV on the networks. Yes, it’s cheap, but seeing silly premises like a tennis player choosing between 20 year old women and 40 year old […]