Some Sunday Linkage

Ok, I have some free time to do some linkage now. I was hoping to get this posted in the morning, but recently, weekends have become busier than my workweek. I really don’t understand how this happened. However, with the next few hours free, I should be able to give you some good posts here. […]

Trying To Do A Friday Megalink Session

I’m hoping to get this entire Megalink session finished in one sitting. It’s been a crazy day thus far. Of course, all of your weekend sport and entertainment programming are featured in the Weekend Viewing Picks. Let’s get to the linkage now. National Michael Hiestand of USA Today speaks with noted baseball announcing author Curt […]

Doing a Sunday Link Thing

Time for some links on this Sunday. I watched a fun South Africa-Spain match in the 3rd place game at the Confederations Cup on Univision this morning and kept up through Twitter with the coup in Honduras that CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are all ignoring today. News never stops just because it’s the weekend. […]

An Extremely Late Night Megalinks

Well, here we are doing the Friday megalinks well into the late night. As usual, we have the Weekend Viewing Picks for you. The U.S. Open has been pushed back a day and possibly more with some rainy weather expected in New York this weekend. NBC has announced it will start its Saturday coverage of […]