Some Quick Monday Afternoon Linkage

Was out for a bit today so I’m behind in what I want to get done here. I’ll do some links for you to tie you over. I’ll start with a couple of stories from Sports Business Daily which looks at some record overnight ratings for Fox and NBC for the first Sunday of the NFL […]

Some Really Quick Tuesday Sports Media Thoughts

Due to that stupid office move that prevented me from updating the site regularly over the last two two weeks, I wasn’t able to provide some regular features here. I’m slowly getting back on track. Thanks for your patience and continued readership during this period. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I’ll do some […]

Some Selection Sunday Sports Media Thoughts

On this NCAA Tournament Selection Sunday, it’s time to present some sports media thoughts and as usual, they come in bullet form. With college basketball’s conference tournaments wrapping up and we get ready for three awesome weeks of the NCAA Tournament, ESPN’s coverage of Championship Week (11 days in reality) has been nothing short of […]

Tuesday Night Linkage

I owe you linkage. I’m in a bad stretch so linkage is scarce. I try to give you breaking news when I can. Let’s start with Michael Hiestand of USA Today who reports that MLB on Fox will go eight straight weeks in primetime during the upcoming 2012 season. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King says it’s […]

Some Tuesday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

I haven’t written a sports media thoughts post in quite some time. I owe you one do let’s do this without further delay. As always, they come in bullet form. Last night’s BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and LSU was another dull affair, just like their first game in the regular season. ESPN did […]

A Few Late Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

Since the posts were sparse on Tuesday, I’ll give you some sports media thoughts here. All in bullet form as usual. I haven’t said much about ESPN’s handling of the Bernie Fine Syracuse story. I wanted to get some facts before commenting. I’m really distressed that ESPN held onto the tape of what was reportedly […]

Some Monday Morning Sports Media Thoughts

While I’m away from a computer this morning, I provide these thoughts to you so you have some fresh material here. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. As usual, I’ll go in bullet form. We’re three games into NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football schedule and the duo of Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock […]

Courtney Fallon (@Fallon87) Joins WLNE in Providence

Normally, I don’t do local news hires on the blog. Media Bistro’s TVSpy usually keeps track of the local and national TV news very well. But today, I’m going to put this up because one, it’s my home market of Providence and two, the person is a friend of mine. So for this one day […]