Report: No New NFL TV Package

This comes from the Sports Business Journal’s John Ourand who has been on top of this story since last year. He’s reporting (subscription required) in this week’s issue that with the announcement of five additional games to the Thursday Night Football schedule on NFL Network, it now appears unlikely that there will be a new […]

Our Mid-Week Linkage

Time for some sports media links for today. Let’s get to them without further delay. Let’s start with USA Today and Michael Hiestand who looks at the record online numbers for the first live legal stream of the Super Bowl. Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated lists the best and worst NFL announcing teams. Over to […]

Bringing Out Friday Megalinks

The last few Fridays, I haven’t been able to provide you with the megalinks. I have to do some today otherwise you’ll stop visiting me. We begin as always with the Weekend Viewing Picks and there are quite a few for this snowy weekend in Southern New England. Now to your links. National Michael Hiestand […]

Some Tuesday Links

Don’t have time to provide a full set of links today so I’ll give you what I’ve culled thus far. Some good stuff here. Some stories from this week’s Sports Business Journal. First, John Ourand reports that ESPN and MLB could butt heads over TV Everywhere streaming rights. ESPN has its model. MLB has its […]

Some Quick Sunday Links

I’m going to provide a few links for you since they’ve been lacking here over the last few days. We begin with Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deistch who talked with ESPN’s Brent Musburger who will call Monday’s BCS National Championship Game. Mike Reynolds from Multichannel News talks with ESPN’s Chris Fowler about the BCS National Championship […]

Comcast Subscribers To Get Access To Watch ESPN App

Just received a joint statement from Comcast and the Walt Disney Company on a wide ranging distribution agreement for Disney networks including ESPN. Since this is a sports media blog, we’ll focus on the sports part of this agreement. Comcast subscribers will be able to access ESPN on their tablets through the Watch ESPN app. […]

Tuesday Linkage

Let’s do some links for today. Lots of stories and lots of stuff going on. From the NFL announcing the online streaming of Super Bowl XLVI to some mind blowing revelations about reporters, this has been an amazing day. It will call for some sports media thoughts later tonight. First the links. I’ll begin with […]

Let’s Do Some Sunday Linkage

Time for some Sunday links. I’ll also attempt some Sunday thoughts later. Todd Spangler of Multichannel News writes that Comcast has dropped a lawsuit against DirecTV over its NFL Sunday Ticket ad campaign. Tom Weir of USA Today explains how ESPN’s Dick Vitale got so angry at a sports radio talk show that he hung […]

The Friday Night Megalinks

I’ve been to Newton, MA and back, South Kingstown, RI and back and all over my hometown of North Kingstown, RI and all of this today. It’s time to do the megalinks and get them all done in one sitting. There’s the Weekend Viewing Picks for your sports and entertainment programming. National Sports Business Daily […]

A Few Late Night Links

Due to the fact that I had to go in and out of the office five times for various errands and meetings during the day, I was not able to provide linkage. And due to the fact that there are some good stories lingering, I don’t want to leave you without some links. So I’ll […]

Bringing You Some Friday Megalink Love

Ok, seeing some good stories on this Friday and it appears that I’m staying in the office today so I can give you a full set and not have to leave for another site. Let’s git ‘er done! We start as always with the Weekend Viewing Picks which are getting busier with each passing weekend […]

A Thursday Grind Linkage

Let’s get the linkage out on this Thursday. The weekend is almost here. Here’s an interesting article and I’m watching to see how it plays out. Eriq Gardner at Hollywood Reporter writes that Comcast is suing DirecTV over “deceptive claims” of free televised NFL games and exploiting the end of the lockout to conduct a […]

Pac-12 Conference Announces Formation of Pac-12 Networks

Once again, you must credit Pac-12 Conference Commissioner Larry Scott for thinking outside the box. Instead of signing one company to run a Pac-12 Network, Scott gets four companies on board to create six regional sports networks that will offered inside the conference and a national network to be offered outside the league’s West Coast […]

Unveiling The Thursday Links

Been a busy day at work once again. Doing these late and I’ll try to put forth as many links as I can before being told to leave the office. Sports Business Daily takes a look at the one year anniversary of the infamous “The Decision” that made LeBron James a pariah in Cleveland and […]

Handicapping The Thursday Night Football Race

As we learned last week, the NFL is shopping around the first half of a Thursday Night Football package that would begin in time for the 2012 season. The games would come from the Sunday afternoon games from CBS and Fox and be aired during Weeks 2 — 9 of the regular season. NFL Network […]

Let’s Do Some Wednesday Linkage

On this rainy Wednesday in Southern New England, let me do some links. I hope the weather where you are is dry and sunny. I’ll start today off with John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal who says Comcast may have appeared to have overbid for the Olympics, but it may pay off in the […]

Digging Out Some Tuesday Linkage

Time for the links on this Tuesday. Lots of good stuff to get to. Matthew Futterman of the Wall Street Journal looks at MLB Commissioner Bud Selig rejecting the Los Angeles Dodgers’ deal with Fox which now throws Frank McCourt’s ownership of the team into jeopardy. In Sports Business Journal, Broadcasting & Cable Editor-in-Chief Ben […]

Bringing In The Monday Links

I thought this weekend would be quiet and I would be able to do some good blogging like Saturday and Sunday linkage, some Sunday thoughts and a few press releases thrown in, but it turned out to be very busy. Don’t understand it, but it happened. Can’t go back now. Just moving forward so it’s […]

Olympics Broadcast Rights Fees Since 1960

This from a story that I’ll be linking to in today’s links. This is from the Sports Business Journal and a story written by Tripp Mickle on how Comcast managed to keep the Olympics in NBC’s fold and away from aggressive bids from Fox and ESPN. It’s good reading. Bob Fernandez of the Philadelphia Inquirer […]

Cranking Out Some Friday Megalinks

Ok, it’s getting late and in the work day and I need to get these megalinks done. I’ve traveled to the MA office and now back in RI. Let’s get this done so I can watch the Bruins tonight. All of your Weekend Viewing Picks are right here. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand reviews the […]