BREAKING NEWS: Mike & The Mad Dog to Reunite…. Briefly

This has been rumored over the last day or so, but it’s now official. Mike Francesa and Chris Russo who split up last year after Russo left WFAN for Sirius XM Radio, will now do a mini-reunion on Friday at Yankee Stadium. They’ll appear on each other’s show, first Russo on WFAN, then Francesa on […]

Some Saturday Links

I’ll do some linkage for you on this Saturday morning. First, The Big Lead is really pissed about the Peeping Tom videos of Erin Andrews. Here’s a statement from Erin’s lawyers who will pursue this case. A quick note here. Many sports bloggers myself included liked posting pictures of Erin. And it was nice that […]

Our Friday Megalinks

Time to do our megalinks. Kind of difficult as I watch the tributes to Walter Cronkite who passed away at the age of 92 tonight. He was one of the reasons why I went into broadcast journalism. I’ll press on with the links tonight. As usual, I’ll begin with the Weekend Viewing Picks. We’re officially […]

A Crazy Monday Linkfest

I’ve been going crazy following two different stories today, one being the Chris Russo Firing Stunt and the other the launch of a new video feature on Lots of stuff going on for what is supposed to be a slow sports day. Let’s give you links and go from there. First, let me plug […]

Apparently, Mad Dog Channel's Firing Was A Stunt

If you’re a subscriber to Sirius XM and listened to Howard Stern about 8:45 this morning, you heard Mad Dog Channel program director Steve Torre, the person allegedly fired on the air on Thursday. Steve tried to maintain that the firing was real and that he was “reinstated”, but apparently this whole thing about Mad […]

A Sunday Link Day

Let’s give you some links on this Sunday. I’ll start with Phil Mushnick of the New York Post. He likes the upcoming HBO Ted Williams documentary and he feels last week’s Chris Russo tirade was fake. Ken McMillan of the Hudson Valley Times Herald-Record says MSG Network has picked up TSN’s Friday Night CFL package. […]

What is Going on At Mad Dog Radio?

Over the last few days, Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio has been in flux since Chris Russo’s declaration that his staff was weak, didn’t know sports history, that he was going to get rid of his staff, fired his program director on the air, said that he made a mistake with the lineup that he […]

Chris Russo Goes Nuts

Since he started with Sirius XM last year, Chris Russo has tried to develop his Mad Dog Channel into a big entity on the satellite radio service. However, when you compare it to Howard 100 or Martha Stewart Living, it really doesn’t hold a candle. I have listened to it since it began, but to […]

Thursday Press Release Reading

Here are some press releases for you to go over. NBC Sports goes over its schedule for Wimbledon starting this weekend and into next week. FEDERER SEEKS RECORD 15TH GRAND SLAM AS NBC SPORTS PRESENTS 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF BREAKFAST AT WIMBLEDON“Only a few months ago people were writing him off.” – NBC’s McEnroe on Federer […]

Late Night Friday Megalinks Now Saturday Megalinks

Let’s give you the Friday megalinks. Find the Weekend Viewing Picks here. National USA Today’s Michael Hiestand writes about former Yankees pitcher David Wells moving to the TBS announcing booth. John Paul Newport of the Wall Street Journal writes that former ABC Sports golf analyst Bob Rosburg died Thursday. Matt Foran of the Nielsen ratings […]

Tuesday Night Linkage

Ok, with a lot going on today especially with Plaxico Burress, I’ll provide you with linkage. There’s a lot today. Let’s start with Newsday’s Neil Best who tried to live blog Chris Russo on Sirius XM Radio today and quickly gave up. Neil then monitored WFAN, 1050 ESPN Radio and Sirius for talk of Plaxico. […]

Sunday Links

As I get ready to run some errands and listen to the NFL on Sirius Satellite Radio, I’m going to give you some links. We start with dueling columns and that’s always fun to have in the links. Neil Best of Newsday has an extensive sit-down interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa as he discusses the […]

Friday Megalinks/Saturday Links

Here’s the deal. When I’m in the home office, I don’t have internet access. When I don’t have internet access, I can’t post an update. Then when I have to drive into Boston at 2 p.m., I get home late. Then when I get a call to pick up someone at the train station, I […]

Thursday Links or Catching Up from Last Night

Last night, I was so tired that I didn’t even bother to crack open the laptop and just watched “The American Experience” on my local PBS channel. Since there was no NHL or MLB and NFL Network was doing its usual “NFL Replay” programming, I decided that I would go to bed early and not […]

The Last Friday Megalinks of the Summer

As we speed into the Fall season (it begins on Monday), this is our last official Megalink session of the Summer. Yes, our mindset of Summer is gone, but officially, Fall begins on Monday. We have a lot of good links for you today so let’s get cracking, but first, we have our Weekend Viewing […]

Some Quick Tuesday Links

Since I’m at an office that has extremely slow dial-up, I’ll do a few links. Before I do that, I want to thank CNBC’s Darren Rovell once again for doing an interview with me over the last week. I have received some very good feedback and I appreciate those who have written me over the […]

Quick Impression of Chris Russo on Sirius XM

I heard part of Chris Russo’s debut on Sirius Satellite Radio today. Basically, it’s the same old Mad Dog if you’ve heard him on WFAN. But he tried to steer any conversation away from New York sports and tried to show that he can carry a national platform. Every now and then, Mad Dog Channel […]