Some Wednesday Night Linkage

I’ll do some more linkage for you this evening. You’re owed it. Why not? Thomas O’Toole from USA Today reports that Laurie Fine, the wife of ex-Syracuse assistant basketball coach Bernie Fine, is suing ESPN for libel saying a report ruined her reputation. Barry Petchesky of Deadspin goes inside the lawsuit and notes that Fine […]

ESPN2 Announces New Afternoon Talk Lineup

With “Jim Rome is Burning” leaving the ESPN2 lineup on January 27, the network has announced a revamped lineup with shows sliding over a half-hour to fill the hole left by Rome’s departure for CBS Sports. Shows like “Numbers Never Lie” hosted by Charissa Thompson and “Dan LeBatard is Extremely Crazy Highly Questionable” move from […]

ESPN2 Officially Unveils Charissa Thompson As Co-Host of “Numbers Never Lie”

Fans of SportsNation may have caught Charissa Thompson‘s ESPN2 debut last Friday. If they did, they should count themselves very lucky. And it’ll the first of many opportunities to see Charissa as she will co-host a new ESPN2 studio show, “Numbers Never Lie” which come from the same people who created SportsNation for ESPN2. In […]

People You Should Follow On Twitter, Part 7

I continue with my mini-series, People You Should Follow On Twitter. You have all types of accounts in sports business and sports media, college basketball and football, MLB, NFL, NHL, Golf, Olympics and Soccer. And you can find the previous installments here, here, here, here, here and here. Through the first six installments, we have […]

Jenn Sterger Takes Shots At ESPN For Hiring Hot Blonds

Ever since this whole Brett Favre sexting incident, Jenn Sterger has been trying to find her niche. Her show at Versus was canceled. Then she’s been doing various freelance gigs plus an interview with Good Morning, America, but really hasn’t found that signature role that she call her own. Then I happen to find through […]

Charissa Thompson Moves To ESPN

I like to think that Fang’s Bites was one of the first blogs to jump on the Charissa Thompson bandwagon back in 2007 when she started getting national exposure on Fox Sports Net and Big Ten Network. Since then, she’s worked on Fox Sports’ NFL coverage on the sidelines, been a co-host on the Best […]

Versus Making Wholesale Changes To NHL Broadcasts

This has been a busy Saturday. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of family stuff today. Nothing major, but it’s kept me from blogging. Anyway, I have to discuss another story that’s been burning up Twitter and the blogosphere today, however, I want to discuss this first. It was first reported in the Montreal […]

Versus To Offer Seven Hours of Programming During NHL All-Star Weekend

Versus is really going all out, trying to show the NHL that it can really dedicate itself to the sport. I wish they had done this earlier in its contract, but better late than never, and hopefully, the league will keep the main contract with the NBC/Versus (soon to be called SNBC?). Versus will unveil […]

Some Snowy Wednesday Links

On this day of massive snow here in the Northeast, I’ll provide you with some linkage. Crazy day as local meteorologists first predicted 4-8 inches, then as the storm organized, the totals were revised upward and upward. Now, it appears we have more on the ground here. Not quite the perfect storm, but damn close. […]

The 4th Annual Fang’s Bites College Football TV Awards

With another college football regular season over and we get ready for the Bowls, it’s time to judge the best and worst on TV in 2010. Some stellar work this season. There’s also been some bad work. Let’s do this. For comparison, you can take a look at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition of […]

The 2nd Annual Fang's Bites NHL TV Awards

Now that the NHL season is over, time for the 2nd version of the NHL TV Awards. We did our first last year and got attacked by readers when it was posted over at Puck Daddy on Yahoo, but you can’t please everybody. This not only includes the 2009-10 season, but also the Olympic hockey […]

Various Sports Press Releases For Your Reading Pleasure

Have a few press releases for you to read and these having nothing to do with one particular subject. Let’s give you what I have right now. First, Fox Sports will be covering the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Las Vegas tomorrow. FOX SPORTS NOTES, QUOTES & ANECDOTES FOX Sports Hits the Jackpot with NASCAR […]

Monday's Linkage

I’ll do some linkage for you. Been busy all day, but I have a nice window here and I’ll get to links after I discuss last night’s hockey action. I’m still coming down from the USA win over Canada last night in men’s hockey. Now, there are many things that could be said about NBC […]

A Rainy Friday Megalinks

It’s raining here in Southern New England and with a washout expected for the entire weekend, why not give you the megalinks so you can peruse any time while you look for something to keep you busy. You can check out the Weekend Viewing Picks for the major sporting events of the weekend and it […]

NHL on Versus Returns Thursday with Charissa Thompson!!!!

With or without DirecTV and it appears it will be without DirecTV on Thursday, the NHL on Versus returns for its fifth season. And there will be a new addition to the network, Fang’s Bites fave Charissa Thompson who has been quite busy over the last few months having been on “Shaq Vs.” as well […]