Bringing Out Some Saturday Linkage

While I’m at work on this Saturday, I’ll do some linkage for you. Marcus Vanderberg at SportsNewser notes that Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson used a gay slur to berate a caller on a Sirius XM radio show last week. At The Grio, Marcus looks at the legacy of the train wreck that’s known […]

Bringing Out Some Saturday Links

I started to do the Megalinks last night, but I fell asleep at my computer while doing them. I was out for most of the Friday so it prevented me from sitting down and pounding out the linkage yesterday. I’ll do it now to get you going for the 4th of July weekend. There’s a […]

Some Thursday Linkage

Let’s provide a few links on this Thursday. Another rainy day in Southern New England. What joy. R. Thomas Umstead of Multichannel News reports that HBO Pay Per View has signed Floyd Mayweather to his next fight in September. Anthony Crupi at Adweek writes that the NBC Sports Group will make into a more […]

Let’s Do Some Wednesday Linkage

On this rainy Wednesday in Southern New England, let me do some links. I hope the weather where you are is dry and sunny. I’ll start today off with John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal who says Comcast may have appeared to have overbid for the Olympics, but it may pay off in the […]

NFL Network Announces Early CFL Schedule

Based off its success airing it last season, NFL Network has announced a new agreement with the Canadian Football League to air more games for 2011, deciding to show two games a week during the regular season. Some weeks, NFL Network will air TSN’s Saturday night doubleheader, other weeks, NFL Network will a game on […]

The Mid-Week Links

Let’s do your mid-week linkage. I’m stuck at the home office in Rhode Island so while I’m waiting on a few things, I’ll give you links. Looks like Jay the Rat might have escaped charges as the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office is declining to press charges against Jay Mariotti. The Big Lead links […]

Mixing The Thursday Links

I’ll give you some Thursday linkage while I can. Waiting on an appointment, but while I’m free I’ll do the links for you. Lots of stuff to get to so let’s not keep you waiting. Jack Carey of USA Today notes that ESPN was a major factor in Brigham Young University declaring independence from the […]

Your Thursday Links

Let’s do the Thursday links as I have to leave early to avoid Patriots traffic ahead of their preseason game against the Saints tonight. Onto the links. Steve Elling of reports about a confrontation between Golf Channel’s Jim Gray and Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin over a quote Gray reported earlier this week.  Stephanie […]

Your NFL Network Programming Through Next Week

You have the NFL Network schedule over the next seven days. It includes a Canadian Football League game on Saturday. Let’s take a look at what’s on tap. NFL NETWORK PROGRAMMING NOTES (7/7-7/13) CFL FOOTBALL FEATURES CALGARY STAMPEDERS VS. HAMILTON TIGER-CATS SATURDAY AT 1:00 PM ET NFLTA “All-Access” Features Rod Woodson in Film Room with […]

Our Mid-Week Linkage

Another day, another scorcher. It’s hot. But you know that. It’s summer. It gets hot. Nothing more need be said about it. Let’s get to linkage. Robert Klemko of USA Today has the ratings of some of the weekend TV events. Even before ESPN announced that LeBron James would make an announcement on where he […]

The Thursday Links

O.k. working from home, but the point is working. Here are some links for you. The Nielsen Wire blog 1/3rd of all American viewers are watching the World Cup. Anthony Crupi at Mediaweek says people watching at sports bars and restaurants boost the viewership numbers for World Cup games on ESPN/ABC. Milton Kent from Fanhouse […]

Tuesday Evening Links

We have some links to provide this evening. And since I’m in the final days of not having a TV, I can concentrate on them without distractions. Starting with Richard Sandomir of the New York Times, he looks at what Versus would look like under NBC’s watch. Stuart Levine of Variety says ESPN has set […]

Some Really Late Night/Early Morning Links

We have some late news for you. Let’s provide a few links. First, it appears that a Comcast purchase of NBC is getting closer. Tim Arango and Bill Carter of the New York Times report that General Electric has come to an agreement on a purchase price of the 20% of NBC Universal that is […]

A Windy Friday Megalinks

Here in the Northeast, we’re expecting that huge storm that’s hovering off the North Carolina coast and dumping lots of rain on Virginia. I’m just waiting for it as I’ve cleaned out my yard, my gutters, and made sure my basement won’t get flooded. This is going to be a washout at least for Saturday. […]

Time for the Monday Linkage

Let’s do linkage for today. Lots of stuff to get to. My back is killing me today. I slept on my side the other night and now, my upper back is hurting like an MF’er. I couldn’t sleep last night and I just got up at 5 a.m. No choice. Doing your links now. Reid […]

A Sunday Link Day

Let’s give you some links on this Sunday. I’ll start with Phil Mushnick of the New York Post. He likes the upcoming HBO Ted Williams documentary and he feels last week’s Chris Russo tirade was fake. Ken McMillan of the Hudson Valley Times Herald-Record says MSG Network has picked up TSN’s Friday Night CFL package. […]

Some Tuesday Linkage

Let’s give you links for today. Starting with USA Today’s Michael Hiestand who looks at the ratings of Wimbledon, MLB and the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Here’s a story that bears watching. Beth Ann Baldry of Golfweek reports that a group of top LPGA players are calling for commissioner Carolyn Bivens to resign. CNBC’s […]

A Back To Work/Still Holiday Weekend Links

Some of you may have gone back to work today. Some of you might have extended your holiday weekend today. Whatever situation you’re in, linkage doesn’t stop so we get some today. I’m in a bit of withdrawal from having morning tennis over the last two weeks and with Howard Stern still on vacation at […]

A Mid-Week Linkfest

Let’s do some linkage today. Then I’ll do a massive press release post or two. Starting with Jon Show of the Sports Business Daily, he writes that DirecTV will have three dedicated channels to the U.S. Open complimenting the ESPN and NBC coverage for all four rounds. Austin Karp of the SBD says five of […]

Continuing The Friday Megalinks

Before I was interrupted and called away from the office, I was in the midst of doing the Friday Megalinks and was on a roll. Unfortunately, I had to stop where I was. Well, I have time now and I’ll finish what I started. I’ll see if I can add to the National and Eastern […]