Some Labor Day Holiday Links

Before I have to head out to the office (again, my day has been planned for me), I’ll provide you with some linkage. Ken McMillan of the Hudson Valley Times Herald-Record liked the work of ESPN’s Eric Collins and Shaun King in Friday’s Army-Temple game. Joe Favorito looks at the athletic background of Republican Vice […]

The Back to Work Monday Links

I know, a three day weekend and you’re dragging. I’m aware that you’re feeling this way, but it’s never fun to go back to work after a three day holiday. But we’re back and it’s time for linkage. Yesterday’s Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal match at Wimbledon took my concentration so I did not want to link […]

Fast Monday Night Update

I’ll give you a few links tonight. I’ve got to get to work, but there’s enough news to warrant a quickie update. The Sports Media Watch says the finals of Euro 2008 drew a 3.1 overnight rating for ABC on Sunday. Pretty decent for a steamy Sunday afternoon here on the East Coast. And the […]

Wednesday Night Update

You’re probably sick of me talking about The War, but I have to say this installment was very good. Episode 4 dealt with D-Day in Europe and the Battle of Saipan in the Pacific. Unbelievable footage that Ken Burns obtained for this part. Plus, the stories of the contributions of the Japanese and African American […]

Tuesday Updated Links

Let’s give you a few more links today. Joseph Whip blogs about HDTV and he criticizes NBC for taking bandwidth away from its picture and thus, causing pixelation. Whip blames the Weather Plus subchannel for this. The LA Times’ Larry Stewart talks with country star Faith Hill about recording “I’ve Been Waiting All Day for […]

More Tuesday Linkage

Let’s give you some more links today. It’s just so hot in my office, I’ve got to finish this set and I’m getting out of there. I mentioned in the first set of links today that Bud Collins has been hired by ESPN. Here’s the statement from ESPN itself. And here’s the Press Release. In […]

Tuesday Linkage

As my office air conditioning has gone down on a very hot and humid day, I give you the Tuesday links today. Let’s start with Susan Bickelhaupt of the Boston Globe who writes that her colleague, Bud Collins, has been hired by ESPN to work on its tennis coverage and will also be featured on […]

Tuesday Musings

First, let me start by discussing the Home Run Derby cablecast on ESPN. Once again, Chris Berman was doing the play-by-play, Joe Morgan did the color and joining them this year, was former Giants and Cubs manager Dusty Baker. I guess the only reason Baker was there was that he had managed in AT&T Park. […]

It's Monday.

Beginning of the work week. It’s hot here in the East. Yesterday, so many people flocked to Rhode Island beaches that they shut down the parking lots and turned cars away. The hot weather that hit the West last week is here in the East so it’s our turn to suffer after a nice start […]

Sunday Night Links

I’ll do a few links for you tonight as I wait for Meadowlands after watching one of the funniest episodes of Entourage. Some more reviews for “The Bronx is Burning”. The Boston Herald has some high praise. The Seattle Times says it’s a home run. Richard Sandomir in the New York Times has a mostly […]

Thank God it's Friday! Friday! Friday! Yeah!

You think I’m happy that Friday is here? Yesterday felt like Monday with the holiday smack in the middle of the work week. But a Friday is a Friday so we have the weekend. Time for some links. As usual, I’ll go from East to West as I give you links from the morning papers. […]

The Day Before the 4th of July

I’d rather have the 4th of July holiday on either a Monday or Friday and next year, being a leap year, the 4th will fall on a Friday, but this year, it’s in the middle of the week so we all have to deal. But as many have taken the week off, some of us […]

More on Bud Collins

I first saw word of Bud Collins leaving NBC late Sunday night/early Monday morning when Michael Hiestand’s article came out in USA Today, buried down deep. Then the tennis beat reporters at Wimbledon found out. Charles Bricker of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel posted it on his Wimbledon blog and later filed a story. Neil Best […]

Monday Update

Time to give you a few links. Newsday had a special section congratulating WFAN on its 20th Anniversary. Included were a few stories. Neil Best chronicles the early days of the station until now. Best’s next story discusses how Suzyn Waldman (the first voice heard on the station) and Mike Francesca pursued jobs at the […]

Beginning of a Short Work Week

Back on a Monday as it’s a rather strange work week. 4th of July falls in the middle of the week. Some of you have the week off and I hope you have a good vacation. In any event, I will probably not have any entries on the holiday unless something breaks. Let’s get to […]